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“Shameless” actor Ricardo Flanagan dies

The world of stand-up comedy mourns Ricarlo Flanagan and calls him “one of the kindest people.”

It is said that actor and comedian Ricarlo Flanagan, who advanced to the semi-finals of “Last Comic Standing” and appeared in the showtime series “Shameless”, has died. Multiple reports Quote His representative..

The media reported that Flanagan had a contract COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)Some reported that he died of complications from the disease, while others said the cause of death was unclear. Others have reported that Flanagan is 40 years old, while others have reported that he is 41 years old.

“This Covid is not a joke. I don’t want anyone to do this,” Flanagan said. deadline And USA Today.

The stand-up comedy world has used social media to honor Flanagan.

“Ricaro flanagan was one of the kindest people I knew. I knew it in the past tense,” Steve Hoffstetter tweeted, using Flanagan’s last tweet to vaccinate people. I urged them to wear a mask.

“One of the most honest, supportive and funny people I’ve ever known. Life isn’t fair. Tell your friends that you love them,” Jeff Holste said. I posted it on Facebook with a photo of Flanagan.

This is really terrible. The man on the left in this photo is Ricarlo Flanagan. The most sincere, supportive, and …

Contributor Jeff Holste on Monday, October 11, 2021

According to IMDB, Flanagan advanced to the semi-finals of the NBC reality show “Last Comic Standing” in 2015.

He has played several guest roles, including regular roles such as “Shameless” Davie, “Warnori!” Guard, and has appeared as a police officer in the recent reboot of “Mad Bout You”.

“Shameless” actor Ricardo Flanagan dies

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