Shawnee Blank Ottawa-Glandorf-Lima News

It was a soccer purist’s dream. It’s a physical contest between two well-educated and talented teams with strong defenses, interesting attacks and great goalkeepers, but only one winner.

Seaney scored 11:01 remaining in the first half, overcoming the constant pressure from the previously undefeated Ottawa Grand Ruft Titans and winning a 1-0 victory in the Western Backeye League, 6 in the league match against the Indians. I put it in the conference title driver’s sheet with -0.

Shawnee will improve to 11-1 in the season and 7-0 in WBL. Ottawa falls to 10-1 overall and 5-1 in WBL play.

Freshman Kamlin Morris is Shawnee’s aggressive hero and takes the header over Grand Ruph’s senior keeper Abbey Warnecke with a corner kick from senior Kennedy Jensen for the only goal of the match. bottom.

Ecstatic Shawnee coach Caroline O’Brien didn’t have enough superlatives for her allegations after tense 80 minutes.

“Huh! We fought and followed the game plan,” O’Brien said. “We watched a lot of movies on the OG. They are so fast in the top and midfield that we were always trying to keep the player behind the ball. With the ball I wanted to keep it on the ground. “

Michelle Marg, director of OG Varsity’s first year, said: tonight. “

O’Brien once again pointed out her defense as a game difference.

“They (Ottawa) were skyrocketing during that last seven minutes. I’m proud of the kids fighting there and lining up their bodies. My zookeeper (Kaelan Swallow) ) Was great. Natalia Boucher had a great match tonight and was a big success. Overall it was a great team effort and I’m very proud of all of them. “

Ottawa-Glandorf’s Madeline Hovest and Shawnee’s Kamlin Morris will fight for control in the first half of the action at Shawnee Soccer Field on Thursday. Other photos are available at

Ottawa-During action at Shawnee Soccer Field on Thursday, Glandorf’s Lily Haselman points the ball over Shawnee’s Brillidenor.

Ottawa-Grander’s Alexa Fortman and Shawnee’s Chloe Clive clash in the first half during action at Shawnee Soccer Field on Thursday.

Shawnee’s Ava Shaf bounces the ball off her thighs for control as she and Ottawa Glandorf’s Makena Seefker watch over Indian teammate Lily Cleaves (22) on Monday.

Indians record 1-0 victory

Shawnee Blank Ottawa-Glandorf-Lima News

Source link Shawnee Blank Ottawa-Glandorf-Lima News

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