Show at Cincinnati Icon Music Center

NS Foo Fighters shows Wednesday night Citizen’s Achievement and Pandemic Milestone: First Concert at Brand new riverfront venue,and sold out. Like 2019, the souls of 8,000 people standing side by side at a rock show.

What is your concert experience? Literally, it wasn’t for everyone.

This wasn’t the fault of the Foo Fighters, who went on stage at 8:36 pm, skipped the Angkor break, went straight to the 11 o’clock curfew, and played non-stop.

However, not everyone can see and listen to the minutes. Maybe they could smell them.

“This is a new place, isn’t it?” Asked Foo Fighters frontman Dave Groll. “It has that new gig smell. It smells like plastic or weeds.”

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Foo Fighters usually play arenas. They played at Madison Square Garden last month. Booking an outdoor stage at the new Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center is a major weakness for the band. The show sold out quickly. People standing behind or beside the space may say they have too many tickets. It was difficult to see the band other than standing on the fake grass in front of the stage. And there was no video screen to increase the number of views. Save one behind the band.

Sound coverage also benefited the center of the house, ignoring aspects.

Fans cheer when the Foo Fighters enter the Icon Festival stage at Smer Riverfront Park on Wednesday, July 28, 2021. The concert was the first on a new stage outside the Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center.

In the future, it will be interesting to see if venue operators will address some of the sound and line-of-sight challenges. Maybe they decide to reduce capacity to give each ticket owner a better chance to watch the show. Alternatively, the icon may be just one of the general admission rooms where ticket owners need to prepare to fight for a good lawn.

Show at Cincinnati Icon Music Center

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