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Simone Manuel will fail the Olympics if he wins Rio.

One of the top stars of Team USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics still has a chance to compete in the Tokyo Olympics in the 50m freestyle.

Omaha, Nebraska — The biggest surprise in the US swimming trial was that Olympic champion Simone Manuel was unable to advance from the semifinals in the 100-meter freestyle on Thursday night.

Manuel, the first black woman to win a gold medal at the Rio Olympics and win an individual swimming competition, finished fourth in the first semi-final heat in 54.17 seconds.

In the final on Friday night, five swimmers ran faster in the second semi-final heat, with Erica Brown in eighth place at 54.15, 200 times faster than Manuel.

Natalie Hind and Olivia Sumoriga were in the top qualifying for the 53.55. Allison Schmitt, who had already freed the team at 200, advanced to the final with the sixth best time (54.08).

The failure of Manuel to reach the 100 Free Finals means she will not participate in the relay mix either. She still has the chance to qualify for a team of 50 for free — an event where she incorporated silver as part of carrying four medals in Rio.

With 200 men’s breaststrokes, Nic Fink first appeared in the Olympics at the age of 27, finishing 1-2 with club teammate Andrew Wilson and winning 2: 07.55.

Fink was unable to make it into the top two in the 2012 or 2016 trials and finished third with 100 breasts this year.

Well, finally he got his long-awaited spot on the Olympic team.

“That’s something I can’t really explain,” Fink said. “Relief is just the beginning of what I’m feeling right now. It’s been a long journey here. I’ve had a lot of support and help. Thank you for this opportunity and I’ll be back in 100th and 3rd place. I came. “

Wilson, who swims with Fink at the Athens Bulldog Swim Club in Georgia, won his second personal event at the Tokyo Olympics and finished second at 2: 08.32. Wilson also finished second in 100 breaststrokes.

“It’s really fun to see it reward Andrew and me,” Fink said.

Kevin Cordes, who created the 2016 Olympic team at both breaststroke events, was short this time. He was fourth, nearly two seconds behind Wilson.

“It’s hard to see him unsuccessful,” Fink said.

When Bobby Finke of Clearwater, Florida won the Men’s 800 Freestyle, the event to make his Olympic debut in Tokyo, the US team added another first Olympic athlete.

He covered 16 laps at 7: 48.22, ahead of the runner-up Michael Brinegar (7: 49.94). Losdant had just missed the Olympic spot and finished just one-72th of Brineger with a thrilling finish.

Simone Manuel will fail the Olympics if he wins Rio.

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