Smashed Bengal to deal with Barrow’s finger injury

Cincinnati (AP) — The Cincinnati Bengals took part in Sunday’s home game on a wave of momentum and self-confidence after two overwhelming victories.

By the end of the afternoon, the error-prone Bengals were left to think of the strange 41-22 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers. Cincinnati star quarterback Joe Burrow has taken care of his dislocated little finger and left, and many other injuries have made Zac Taylor even more worried this week.

Barrow vowed not to miss the match because of it. Taylor said he was actually restricted and daily.

Loss dropped Bengals to 7-5. They are still in a chaotic AFC playoffs situation, but have wasted a chance to move up among the leaders. The Chargers are now 7-5, but hold the tiebreaker over the Bengals.

“You will lose some games — it’s about how you bounce,” Barrow said.

The Chargers rushed into the 24-0 second quarter lead before the Bengals could get things right. They reached 24-13 in half-time, and Joe Mixon’s 7-yard touchdown run reduced the deficit to 24-22 in the third quarter.

However, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Mixon failed and Chargers cornerback Tevaughn Campbell scooped it up and ran 61 yards in the opposite direction for a touchdown. Barrow was intercepted in the end zone in the second half of the fourth, and Cincinnati could not pose another serious threat.

“There is no moral victory, but we are in a position to win,” Barrow said.

What’s working

There aren’t many Sundays. However, Bengals showed resilience, and the injured Barrow led them to 22 unanswered points after a terrible start. Barrow dislocated his right little finger in Bengals’ first series of stripsacks. Still, he threw a 29-yard touchdown to Tee Higgins to put Cincinnati on the board and scrambled a 6-yard TD in the second half of the first half to show the grit.

Things in need of help

Cincinnati’s slow start was playing from behind the whole game. The two first offensive linemen were injured and were suffering from blocking. The Chargers had the worst run defense in the NFL and bottled Mixon after 100 yards in a row. Justin Herbert threw 317 yards and three touchdowns.

Stock up

Higgins made nine catches and touchdowns at 138 yards. It was on the Steelers 41-10 route after six grabs and touchdowns at 114 yards last week. Tyler Boyd made five catches against the Chargers at 85 yards. Bengals defenders have fired Herbert four times.

“I think we can get rid of some positive points from this,” Taylor said. “We don’t want to get rid of many of them. Many went in and seized the fort.”

Reduce inventory

Barrow threw a touchdown with 300 yards, but had two passcuts, six sack and lost the ball on a strip sack. One interception was in the end zone. The other wasn’t Barrow’s fault. Receiver Ja’Marr Chase bubbling the ball and stride on the right sideline, while Chargers cornerback Michael Davis grabbed the ball from the air at Los Angeles 30. Chase had at least one drop pass in the game.

“There’s no secret here. If you flip the ball four times (four times), you probably won’t win a football game,” Taylor said. “It’s as easy as that.”


Beginner OL linemen Riley Leif and Tray Hopkins both have ankle injuries and live their daily lives. … The team’s best linebacker, Logan Wilson, was put into the cart from the field with a shoulder injury. Taylor said he would be absent for at least a few weeks … LB Markus Bailey (stinger on his left shoulder) and CB Chidobe Awuzie (feet) every day.

Key number

103 — Total yards lost in 7 penalties for Cincinnati and 6 sack for Barrow.

Next step

Bengali have some big wins and big losses. Now they have to try to rebound from the blunder filled with the mistakes guided by the star quarterback with their painful fingers. The San Francisco 49ers (6-6) are coming to town on Sunday. Two of the remaining five Bengals games will face AFC North’s enemies Baltimore and Cleveland.


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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) was dismissed by the Los Angeles Chargers Justin Jones (93) in the first half of the NFL football game in Cincinnati on Sunday, December 5, 2021. (AP photo / Jeff Dean)

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, Cincinnati Bengals’ Vonn Bell (24), below, Cameron Sample, during the second half of the NFL football match in Cincinnati on Sunday, December 5, 2021. I was dismissed at (96). (AP photo / Jeff Dean)

Cincinnati Bengals’ Tee Higgins (85) touches down against Los Angeles Chargers’ Nasir Adaley (24) and Michael Davis (43) during the first half of the NFL football game in Cincinnati on Sunday, December 5, 2021. We will have a reception. (AP photo / Michael Conroy)

Smashed Bengal to deal with Barrow’s finger injury

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