Snap your fingers twice for The Addams Family to open on Friday

LIMA — It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know the creepy, quirky, creepy Addams Family who lived at 0001 Cemetery Lane in the 1960s TV show and 1991 film version.

The 2009 musical stage version is set in a New York home overlooking Central Park and mixes song and dance to create laughter rooted in an eerie atmosphere.


On June 1st and 2nd, individuals from around Northwest Ohio ventured into the musical.

“About 60 people from the Ada, Van Wert, Spencerville and Lima areas also auditioned, but only 30 were hired,” said Terry Spencer of the Encore Theater.

The cast is made up of undeniably quirky personalities.

• Gomez Adams (played by Roger Rex) has a black mustache and oiled black hair. He is romantic and tends to kiss his wife from hand to arm whenever she speaks French. Gomez himself speaks with a lisp Castilian accent. He made his fortune as a stockbroker and wears a pinstripe suit.

Morticia Adams (played by Nancy Williams Shuffle) is a “sweet” and “petite” wife whose name derives from “mort” which means “death”. In today’s parlance, she is considered “Goth” and has pale white skin, dark eyes, and very long black hair. need to step out. Her dress is floor-length and has tentacle-like trails that cover her shoes, making her appear to float like an octopus rather than across the floor.

Uncle Fester Morticia’s uncle (played by John David Faith) is the embodiment of energy, destruction and pain. He spends his downtime stretching out on a rack or sleeping on a bed of nails. Doomed to be a lifelong bachelor, Fester was a “madman” who literally succumbed to the influence of the moon by falling “madly” in love with “her”.

granny adams (Mary Smith) is a bona fide witch.

Pugsley Adams (played by Christian Ward) and Adams on Wednesday (played by Madeleine Emerick) are the odd son and daughter of Gomez and Morticia.

larch The butler giant (played by John Shuffle) became famous for those two words: “Did you call?”

plot summary

Wednesday is engaged to “normal” Lucas and invites his parents to her home in New York City to meet the family. By the end of the night, Beinekes learns her Addams Family secret and decides being normal is overrated. In a happy ending, Lucas’ parents rekindle their youthful insanity, and the young couple’s wedding plans move forward.


There are 21 music selections, among which are 4 main songs.

Act 1: “If You Were Adams” and “One Normal Night”

Act II: “Just Around the Corner” and “The Moon and I”

tickets and performance dates

The family-friendly 2-hour show begins at 8:00 PM on Friday, August 5th. After opening night, it will repeat on Saturday, August 6th at 8pm and Sunday, August 7th at 2pm. Friday, August 12, 8 PM, Saturday, August 13, 8 PM, Sunday, August 14, 8 PM.

Tickets are $17 (adults), $14 (seniors 62 and over), $12 (students 10 and over), $12 (students with college ID), $10 (youth 10 and under).

If you like the Addams Family, you might also like Bram Stoker’s Dracula in October.

The Amil Tellers-Encore Theater is located at 991 N. Shore Dr., Lima.

For more information, please call 419-223-8866 or email us. [email protected]

Gomez and Morticia Adams (played by Roger Rex and Nancy Williams Shuffle) lead the season premiere production of The Addams Family at Encore Theater.

Despite what may resemble an evergreen hanging conifer, Cousin It takes the stage with the rest of the Addams Family at the Encore Theater.

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Snap your fingers twice for The Addams Family to open on Friday

Source link Snap your fingers twice for The Addams Family to open on Friday

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