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IRONTON — The red, white and blue triangular fabric sewn on the surrounding square patches represent hours of meticulous work. For Dr. Martha Evans, they represent a veteran who deserves honor and respect.

Evans, an assistant professor of early childhood education at Ohio University Southern, observed her “54-40 or fight” pattern of ongoing quilts spread out on campus conference room tables.

“This is what I’m working on right now. I’m still working on these pieces,” Evans said when laying out pieces of other fabrics that would soon be part of a larger piece.

Further below the table, Dr. Miki Crawford, who retired in honorary status in 2018 and still teaches several communication courses, is an unfinished piece, a patchwork of red and blue squares with white stars. Stretched out and adjacent to the parchment-colored square, “Our people …”

Dr. Kim Keffer, a recently retired professor in southern Ohio, was at the end of the table. In the early stages of her project, she was cutting pieces of cloth that would later be sewn together.

All three women have different quilting experiences, but have come together for a common goal, the Quilt of Valor.

The Quilts of Valor is a national volunteer organization that creates quilts for veterans. To date, more than 250,000 quilts have been awarded to veterans through the QOV program by more than 10,000 volunteer quilters.

Recently, Evans, Crawford and Keffer have launched a guild of Quilts of Valor called Material Hugs.

“I entered this because my aunt is a World War II veteran,” Keffer said. “Someone in Grayson nominated her for the Kilt of Valor.”

Keffer wanted to thank QOV and offered to donate to the organization.

“They said,’We won’t turn down your money, but what you really need to do is make a kilt,'” she said.

Keffer has been quilting for several years and is a skill he learned as a personal remedy when his mother was ill. So in 2019 she decided to make a quilt for her husband, Crawford, a veteran of the Vietnam War.

“I made it for Miki’s husband and loved it,” she said. “I loved making it. I loved giving it to him. I loved the smile I got. So I got hooked.”

Next, Crawford was very impressed with the gestures and wanted to learn kilt. She bought a sewing machine in January and is now the fourth quilt.

“When Kim did that, I was very impressed just by saying,’I have to do this,'” Crawford said.

Evans, who raised quilting in the Appalachian quilter family, also participated.

“Our goal is a dozen by Veterans Day,” she said. “And we get it. We feel we should honor those who serve. Quilting is my gift. Make a quilt for these soldiers and give my gift I will share it. “

Due to the pandemic, the members of Material Hugs started working individually, but now that they are all receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, they can work together. And the small group continues to grow, with the participation of Cathy Gillum and Southern’s Student and Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Salome Nnoromele.

According to Keffer, anyone interested in participating in a material hug does not need to be a quilting expert or have sewing skills.Anyone interested in joining can email her keffer@ohio.edu..

Southern Ohio Teachers Launch Quilting Guild for Veterans | Ohio News

Source link Southern Ohio Teachers Launch Quilting Guild for Veterans | Ohio News

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