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In the five years since purchasing land to become a work farm, the Aglaria Revitalization Practice Center has continued to expand workshops, skill sharing and conferences focused on connecting communities and land. This month, Aglaria will debut a new event aimed at connecting people not only to the land, but to each other.

The Center’s first Dogwood Festival will be held on Saturday, May 28th, from 2pm to 10pm at Aglaria Farm. Scheduled annually by the organizers, the event features afternoon to evening activities such as tours, scavenger hunts, lawn games, music, bonfires and barn dancing.

The news spoke this month with April Walford, Aglaria’s development director, and Naomi Bongorno, development assistant director. According to Bongorno, the idea for the new festival was conceived last year as a continuous event with a focus on the seasons.

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“We consider it a spring celebration event,” she said.

Wolford added that the Aglaria fundraiser, the festival, is open to people of all ages.
“The event is really for the whole family,” she said. “We want to have a festive atmosphere and make it a special treat that people are looking forward to every year.”

At the Dogwood Festival, which serves the desired atmosphere, a “party host” will appear on the shuttle bus. The party host aims to boost the vitality of festival attendees heading to the Aglaria grounds.

Aglaria’s parking lot is very limited, so a 15-seater shuttle is needed for the event. There are several paid parking lots in Aglaria, with free parking available to those who need it. Otherwise, there is free parking in the Midwest of Antioch University, from which shuttles run all day.

The schedule is divided into two segments. Scheduled daytime programming includes seeds and gardening stations. A children’s building station where young festival participants can learn how to use basic hand tools. Natural dyes and stamp stations of all ages, where participants can create their own textile art. Guided tour; The play area of ​​Dogwood Kids Village is open until dark.

In the evening, a family barn dance featuring live music by local musicians Linda Scutt, Mary Beth Burkeholder, and Mark Delogier will take you to the Aglaria barn where Carol Copp dances. Following the barn dance, the music is provided by DJ Domino.

Outside the barn, a bonfire illuminates the Aglaria grounds as a small group of sensory walks are guided around the property. FlyBy BBQ has a food truck and a cash bar with YS brewery beer, wine and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages open all night.

The night ends with a lottery to win prizes donated by local businesses.

The Dogwood Festival will be held after Agraria’s two-year coordination with an ongoing pandemic. According to Bongorno, like any other institution trying to overcome world-changing events, its coordination involves some of the challenges, but Aglaria also has some benefits.

“The program is growing — we are getting a lot of attention,” she said.

As part of programming, such as the annual Black Farming and Pathways to Regeneration conference, which is partly or completely online, Bongorno said Agraria was able to stay connected and reach new communities. Said.

“Move a lot of programming online has actually expanded our reach,” she said.
At the same time, Agraria’s focus on outdoor programming allowed the community, especially the youngest members, to stay in direct contact.

“Parents and children wanted a truly safe outdoor social experience,” said Bongorno. “I think the COVID environment has really expanded the educational program for children.”

Wolford added that the expansion meant that Aglaria was confident when she began planning the Dogwood Festival.

“We have a proven track record,” she said. “There are different types of entertainment available … but Aglaria gives people the opportunity to go back outdoors.”

Overall, Mr. Bongorno said the support Aglaria received made it possible for the Dogwood Festival to become a reality and hopes that the festival will be proven in return for its support.

“I think Aglaria plays a role in connecting people. [the festival] It’s like the culmination of that energy, “she said. “We love the communities that have supported us over the last two years. We want to invite them to dance together in our barn.”

Tickets for the first Dogwood Festival are $ 5 for daytime activities and free for children under 5 years old. Adult night activities are $ 25, students over 13 and adults over 65 are $ 15. Children under the age of 12 can enter for free. Visit bit.ly/39zPwoI for the full schedule and registration of the event.

Volunteers are required for festivals, 2-3 hour shifts, parking, hosting parties and selling raffle tickets. Volunteers will receive a free ticket for the event of the day.

Email to sign up for volunteers Volunteer@agrariacenter.org..

Spring Celebration Hanamizuki Festival, Community • Yellow Springs News

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