State Covid-19 update, with vaccine concerns in mind |

Thursday’s state-wide discussions and updates on the status of COVID-19 included health leaders throughout the state.

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Director of Health, Ohio, held a press conference to discuss the effects of the virus in our state. He believes the delta variant infection has peaked, but states that our hospital is still incredible capacity.

Vanderhoff invited other doctors during the update to discuss what they were seeing and what they needed to do to reduce the pressure on the hospital. One doctor emphasized the need for everyone to be vaccinated, while giving some perspective on certain fears of the side effects of the vaccine.

Dr. Kurt Tucker, Chief Clinical Officer of Adena Health System, said: “The two main side effects most people cite are anaphylaxis and myocarditis, which are potentially life-threatening severe allergic reactions. Three out of one million vaccinated patients I have anaphylaxis. About 4 out of 100,000 people have myocarditis, most of which are mild and self-restricting. 1 in 500 Americans die of coronavirus. “

To see the full press conference from this morning you can find it here..

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State Covid-19 update, with vaccine concerns in mind |

Source link State Covid-19 update, with vaccine concerns in mind |

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