Summary: New York City FC 4, Columbus Crew 1

NYCFC started the match 14 minutes, Valentin CastellanosWho found the back of the net from Jesús Medina Corner kick.Crew goalkeeper Eloy Room He left his feet glued to the floor as he watched the Argentine attacker return home.

The dominant start from NYCFC continued, with the host doubling the lead with a winger in the 35th minute. Thiago Andrade..The fierce pace of the young Brazilian ran down the left side of the pitch and he collected loft-through balls from his teammates. Alfredo Morales.. At a glance, the 20-year-old then slashed the room with his first touch to score in a cheeky way, doubling the NYCFC lead.

Half of the host’s dominant attacks saw them enter half-time to defeat the dominant 2020 MLS Cup champion 2-0.

Out of the changing room, Cityzens’ dominant attack continued.They added a third goal in half 6 minutes via the midfielder Keaton Parks.. He was given a delicious ball by Chiago Andrade. Thiago Andrade nutmeged the defender with a pass, and Parks tapped home in a 6-yard box.

NYCFC isn’t over yet, and they’ve added a fourth goal through newcomers Santiago Rodríguez The initials landed at your feet 71 minutes after the room was in the palm of your hand. Maximolares.. He handed it over to Rodriguez, who was wide open. Rodriguez hit it in the middle of the net. A video review was needed to reject the offside call in the field and maintain the goal.

The crew managed the first attempt to reach the goal in 81 minutes Marlon Hairstone I found the back of the net in the header, but the referee’s offside flag quickly went up and called back the goal.

In the second half of the second half of the downtime, the crew took a penalty kick and returned to the left. Pedro Santos Score on the spot. However, at the third meeting of the Eastern Conference Club this season, late comfort goals were of little importance.

Summary: New York City FC 4, Columbus Crew 1

Source link Summary: New York City FC 4, Columbus Crew 1

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