Teens spend a year building a World War II bunker on state-owned land

Best friends Cooper and Hudson are obsessed with military history, recreating a World War II bunker from the North Country Trail between Kent City and Cedar Springs.

Kent County, Mississippi — Army-style occultation, North Country Trail In Kent County by hikers earlier this week.

The bunker was reported to the Michigan State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that construction on state-owned land was illegal.

Initially, the origin of the bunker was a mystery, but 13 ON YOUR SIDE later learned that it was actually built by 15-year-old best friends Cooper and Hudson.

Cooper and Hudson are self-proclaimed military history enthusiasts and have embarked on a year-long project to build a bunker using World War II era tools purchased from flea markets.

My best friend attended almost the same school all his life, but now he has been attending another high school since he was a teenager. Plans were made over the weekend to build a World War II era occultation to stay in touch.

They spent a lot of time exploring areas near the North Country Trail and decided that not far from the trail was the perfect place.

They chose a location between Red Pine Dr. NW and N. Division Ave. NE, just north of the 18-mile road. Northwest as the final location of the bunker.

A teenager who bought a WWII trench shovel, sandbags, and other WWII-era tools with allowances set out to work.

Every weekend, their parents dropped them off the site more than a mile away, hiked to a bunker, leaving Cooper and Hudson, and set up a camp.

Kouper’s Mom said kids love “survival camps” and will deliberately choose a bad weather weekend to camp on the site. Whether in snowstorms, heavy rains, or the heat of the heat, teens loved to show their ability to survive on camping equipment alone. She could hardly sleep on one weekend during Christmas, as the boys decided it was the best time to camp in a snowstorm.

The bunker reconnaissance, planning and construction took a year, but according to DNR, children now need to be dismantled and replenished. Teens are disappointed that they have to abandon the project, and I understand why.

This wasn’t their first major build either. Cooper and Hudson worked in their parents’ backyard trenches at an early age.

Teens are planning to return to the bunker with friends and family this weekend to fill the holes and restore the area to its original condition.

The DNR states that it will not charge for cutting down trees or branches, digging holes, or placing sandbags on state-owned land.

Kouper and Hudson say they are looking for someone with private land to make their land available for their next project, especially in the Sparta, Cedar Springs, or Rockford areas.

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Teens spend a year building a World War II bunker on state-owned land

Source link Teens spend a year building a World War II bunker on state-owned land

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