Ten people were shot on the subway in Brooklyn, New York.Police identify people who are interested

Ten people were shot dead and more than 12 were injured when a gunner fired on a subway train in Brooklyn, New York, Tuesday morning, officials said. According to officials, 13 people were being treated for smoke inhalation with smoke grenades or other injuries from subsequent panics.

“I’m really lucky that this didn’t get much worse than it really is,” New York Police Department commissioner Keychant Seawell said at a press conference Tuesday night. She said three women and seven men were shot dead, but none of the injuries were considered life-threatening.

Police said they had identified a person of interest, but did not appoint him as a suspect. They said no one was in custody.

Seawell said Suspect Described as a heavy-duty, about 5 feet 5 inches tall black man wearing a construction-type vest and a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Authorities placed a U-Hall in Brooklyn late Tuesday afternoon after the vehicle key was found at the shooting site. Authorities identified U-Hall’s renter as Frank R. James, 62, and called him involved in the case. The Associated Press said the van was vacant when it was discovered.

Just before 8:24 am, the shooter wore what looked like a gas mask on a subway train to Manhattan in Brooklyn and threw two canisters filled with smoke, Seawell said in more detail about the shooting. Stated. Later, gunmen fired and attacked people at the platforms of the subway and 36th Avenue station, Sewell said. A total of 33 shots were fired.

Police said a 9mm semi-automatic pistol had been recovered. Hatchets, fireworks, and gasoline were also found, according to people familiar with the matter.

“I don’t know the motive at this point, but I haven’t ruled out anything,” Seawell said.

According to Seawell, anyone with photos or videos of the shooting, or related information, was advised to contact the police station. Crime Stopper Program..

Law enforcement sources told CBS News that a clearly clogged Glock semi-automatic pistol was found on the scene, a tote-like bag containing a hatch, a pepper spray, two gas containers, and a smoke grenade. There is a police presence in the neighborhood of Sunset Park.

Pictures of the scene showed people taking care of bloody passengers lying on the floor of the station.

According to the MTA, on Tuesday evening, after hours of turmoil, normal service resumed on subway lines D, N, and R. However, the train has not yet stopped at the 36th Avenue station while the shooting investigation continues.

Injured at subway platform
During the morning rush hour of April 12, 2022, several people were injured in a shooting at a subway station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park district of New York.

Armen Heila Petian

President Biden admitted shooting during a speech in Iowa Tuesday afternoon.

“Jill and I, my wife Jill and I are praying for the injured and everyone who has touched the trauma,” he said. “And thank all the first respondents who took action, including civilians, civilians who did not hesitate to help fellow passengers and protect them. My team with the mayor I got in touch [Eric] Adams, the New York Police Department, the Justice Department and the FBI are working closely with NYPD on the ground. ”

-Pat Milton contributed to the report. The Associated Press contributed to the report.

Ten people were shot on the subway in Brooklyn, New York.Police identify people who are interested

Source link Ten people were shot on the subway in Brooklyn, New York.Police identify people who are interested

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