Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s Federal Worker Vaccine Obligation

The mission began this November, and the White House states that 98% of federal workers are vaccinated.

Washington — A U.S. Judge in Texas issued a national injunction on Friday banning federal enforcement. Requirements for President Joe Biden Federal workers without qualified medical or religious exemptions COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection)..

Judge Jeffrey Brown, appointed by then-President Donald Trump to the District Court in Southern Texas, said that opponents of Biden’s vaccination obligations to federal officials were likely to succeed in the trial, and the government said. Prevented the requirement from being enforced.

Biden announced in September that more than 3.5 million federal workers would need to be vaccinated and would not have the option of being regularly tested instead, unless an approved medical or religious exemption was secured. Did. The requirement began this November, and White House spokesman Jen Psaki said on Friday that 98% of federal workers were vaccinated.

“We are confident in our legal authority here,” she added.

Those who do not comply with the policy will be referred to counseling and may be dismissed under a presidential order signed by Biden.

The question, Mr Brown, is whether the president can require millions of federal employees to receive medical treatment as a condition of employment, without the opinion of Congress, with a pen stroke. I wrote that there is. He added, “It’s a bridge too far under the current state of law recently announced by the Supreme Court.”

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The Justice Department said it would appeal the decision.

The proceedings were filed by the Feds for Medical Freedom Group.

Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s Federal Worker Vaccine Obligation

Source link Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s Federal Worker Vaccine Obligation

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