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Amazon has introduced Hindi support Prime music An app that follows the high demand from Indian users.This change is due to the fact that Hindi songs are the most streamed Amazon Prime Music..

Amazon Prime Music Supports Hindi

It also revealed that the consumption of podcasts in Hindi has increased as the number of apps has quadrupled since the podcast was released in April this year.

NS Prime music The Hindi app has arrived just in time for this year’s festive season. The Hindi UI provides users with an ad-free selection of 75 million songs, over 10 million podcast episodes, unlimited offline downloads and more.

Users will have access to popular songs from the movie, including: Shah Shah And podcasts etc. Kaatil Doctor, Akbar Birbal Stories, Paisa Vaisa, Khooni, And much more. All of these are available at no additional cost.

Sahas Malhotra, director of Amazon Prime Music, said of the launch: Prime shopping When Prime video App, we started listening to more and more customers requesting access Prime music Hindi app too. Now we’re starting to customize the user’s experience so that they can enjoy music and podcasts in the language of their choice. After all, the heart of everything you do with Amazon Prime Music is your customers. “

This will allow users to buy, view and view playlists in Hindi.This happens after the release of the Hindi UI Amazon india When Amazon Prime Video..

Amazon Prime Music Hindi will be available to Android users and will eventually be rolled out to other devices.

That’s all you need to know-TechnologyNews, Firstpost

Source link That’s all you need to know-TechnologyNews, Firstpost

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