The application period for green space funds begins

Lima — The District 13 Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC) has announced that the application period has begun for those considering receiving the Clean Ohio Greenery Conservation Fund. Applications are open to local governments and nonprofits in Allen and the surrounding counties.

The purpose of the funding is to protect and protect Ohio’s natural regions and streams and create new opportunities for outdoor recreation.

“The Green Space Fund will be used to acquire public land and make it available to the general public for lasting care and access to both conservation needs and recreational green spaces,” NRAC said. District 13 President Howard Elstro said. “Allen County has several public lands that have become permanent and open green parks acquired by the city of Lima or Johnny Appleseed.”

Elstro also said that funding is focused on conservation and conservation. This means that no money will be spent on setting up new playgrounds or sports facilities. Funds are often directed to areas of land, including rivers and streams, to help clean the water before it reaches the basin.

The application period is 6 months until January 22, 2022. Applications can be submitted to Howard Elstro at Town Square 50 in Lima.

The application period for green space funds begins

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