The beginner’s guide to CBD

The cannabis industry has gone through the last few years from one stage of being stigmatized by the vast majority of the population, to becoming one of the most popular industries in the world at the moment. Within the cannabis industry itself, there is a ton of innovation taking place across all sectors, from seed to consumption. It’s important to note that the industry could not be where it is today without legalization efforts and medical advocacy groups. The CBD sector has grown massively because of all this, and there is no shortage of medical professionals who are using CBD to treat patients. There are even sports players and celebrities who are big advocates for CBD. Once you properly understand how beneficial it is, then you will slowly begin to understand just how newbies are now becoming interested to consume. Without further ado, let’s see what the craze is all about.

What is CBD?

First and foremost, let’s define CBD – it is a component of the Cannabis plant, and a little bit about how it works is that it provides calming effects to the body. When you compare it to THC, the biggest difference is that THC is psychoactive and makes you ‘high,’ while CBD is not psychoactive at all. Many people who are simply looking for healing and to soothe their pain prefer CBD as their intention is not to get high but to simply medicate their body using a natural product. This is one of the main reasons it has become so popular amongst so many people and there is so much to learn about CBD.

How Do You Consume CBD?

There are various ways for you to consume CBD, such as through topicals, oils, tinctures, edibles, etc. Online headshops, such as Smoke Cartel, offer a variety of quality CBD products in every form imaginable. Just browse through their selection and pick your favorite. So, edibles you may be familiar with but if not that’s also okay. Edibles are a form of CBD that is ingested either through eating or drinking. A couple of examples of edibles are CBD coffees, brownies, or even popcorn. Topicals are usually creams and are applied directly on the skin which is great if you have muscle soreness as it truly calms the body down. Then oils can be used for cooking or applied directly to the skin as well. If you are planning to consume cannabis, you may need grinders to make a uniform mixture of your herbs. Sharpstone weed grinders can make the process go faster and come with extras like kief catchers.

Is It Legal?

Now, when it comes to the legal status of CBD, you need to know exactly where it’s legal, and where it is not. It is currently legal in certain US states as well as Canada. This is important to understand because you of course do not want to purchase and use it in a state where it is considered an illegal drug. While recreational marijuana is legal in 21 US states, CBD is legal in all 50 states, with each state having its own special laws.

What Are The Benefits?

We need to talk about all the health benefits of CBD, in order for you to truly understand why it is viewed as the better choice amongst most people. The first health benefit is that it helps ease muscle soreness and body pains which makes it a really healthier alternative to a lot of medicinal drug users. It also helps with anxiety and depression in certain patients. There are even a lot of athletes who are using CBD, such as Michael Phelps, who has been a massive supporter of the use of CBD, and Nick and Nate Diaz, who even ventured to open a business related to their love of CBD.

As you can see, CBD is extremely popular, and this popularity is only growing, especially because of the health benefits. The great thing is that even if you are a beginner, it is an easy substance to use and you can become accustomed to it in a relatively short amount of time in comparison to other variations of the marijuana plant. On top of that, the great thing about CBD is that it is not psychoactive at all and as a result you can truly enjoy all its health benefits without trying to get high.

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