The Best blogging sites for free?

The digitization of the world has given rise to many new careers. 20 years ago, if I had gone to my parents and told them I wanted to be a full full-time blogger they would have taken me to a shrink. However, now it’s a full-time and highly appreciated career.

To start blogging, all you would need is a reliable internet connection and a free blogging site. Speaking from personal experience, I would recommend that you go to and search for the best internet available in your area. I mentioned this site because they are authorized retailers of many top ISPs and make it extremely easy for you to compare all the options available within your area.You can choose whichever provider seems good to you, however, we recommend you to choose a provider with the best customer support and AT&T customer service is undoubtedly #1 in the US.

Here are the top free blogging sites that are worth looking into, once you’re all set with the internet connection.

  1. Wix

It is extremely easy to design and publish a blog with Wix’s user-friendly interface. Along with its free plan, there are also paid subscription plans available. Keep in mind that the free plan has a data transfer and storage cap of 500 MBs but you can build as many pages as you want with images, videos music, etc.

However, features like Wix Bookings, Wix ADI, Wix Turbo, and amazing customer support make the storage and data cap seem such a petty issue. Therefore, the free plan is a wonderful deal if you’re just starting out.

  1. WordPress

You have the option to host your own blog or have host it. It is suitable for entry entry-level professional bloggers with its highly powerful and customizable platform. A wizard guides you through if it’s your first blog, and advanced options are available for seasoned bloggers.

However, the interface may take some learning but options like geotagging, customized social media buttons, custom styles for posts, HTML source editing, etc. make all the effort worth it.

WordPress does show ads on its free blogs but that can be overlooked considering you receive privacy protection, access to statistics like page views, comments, likes, etc., and access to the WordPress support community.

  1. Blogger

Owned by Google, it is understood that this is a user-friendly platform superb for blogging newbies. It contains a wonderful template selection consisting of both desktop and mobile versions.

The cherry on top is the Google integration feature, which allows you to integrate your blog with everything Google, e.g. images and files go directly to your Google Drive allowing you to upload as many high-resolution photos as you want.

It also has a built-in spam filter and you are able to monitor your blog and check statistics through the Dashboard. Nevertheless, Blogger includes ads as well.

  1. Weebly

If you want to build a blog that looks smart, Weebly is a powerful yet simple blog-building tool for you. Even though the 500 MBs storage is a drawback, it comes with a drag and drop function that would be very helpful in easily designing a unique blog that fits your style.

One of the best features is the preview option. You can preview all your posts, even send them to your peers or friends for feedback before going ahead to publish them. Weebly is a great platform to kick-start your writing career, regardless of the fact that it sticks an ad in your blog’s footer and provides quite stingy storage.

  1. Penzu

If you want to share your personal thoughts and need a journal that’s secure and emphasizes privacy, Penzu is the answer. There is a free mobile app as well as paid versions available if you wish to upgrade.

The posts you write on this platform would be private and locked by default. You will need a password to access each post even when you are logged in. Therefore, it goes without saying that Penzu was not designed for self-promotion.

If you’re just starting out with writing or you want a place where you can express yourself without the worry of someone finding out, Penzu is the go go-to platform.

There you are with five amazing blogging platforms. Choose the one that fits your needs and start writing away.

The Best blogging sites for free

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