The contested election race for the Cleveland City Council is to be celebrated

All members of the Cleveland City Council are second in decades You may face election challenges this fallAnd unless you happen to be one of the 17 incumbents, this is a good development.

Our political system relies on highly competitive election competition to generate lively discussions on issues and give voters choice. Still, competition is often an exception in Cleveland, a one-party city with a nasty tradition of allowing retired council members to name their successors.

Yes, the Cleveland City Council race is nonpartisan, but only by name. All 17 incumbents are Democrats, Until the second half of 2018, They met regularly as a Democratic rally. One of the Greens candidates was elected a few years ago, but felt exiled to the Democratic Party.

However, competition is possible even with an independent system, which is likely this year. Earlier this week, our city hall reporter, Robert Higgs, reported that 11 of the 17 incumbents had already petitioned for nominations by at least one future challenger.

Some of those incumbents may face multiple challengers in the primary. Incumbent Ken Johnson seeking re-election while indicted, demanding more than 10 future challengers carry out nomination petitions in District 4, accused of 15 separate crimes I am.

And there’s time left for those circulating petitions to get the necessary signatures from the 200 registered voters in their ward, and for the pro crustinators to take part in the race. The deadline for submitting a petition to the Kaiyahoga County Election Commission to participate in the September primary is June 16.

Thomas Sutton, a professor of political science at Baldwin Wallace University and an observer of Cleveland politics, told Higgs that one of the reasons for the growing interest in the city council was the housing found in some areas. ..

Some of the buyers and borrowers of those places are newcomers, or first-time homeowners, and may be acting on new or new interests in the governance of their hometown. If so, we pay tribute to them for their efforts.

Sutton said other promising candidates could be motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement, which raised awareness of crime, police policy and social justice issues. If so, we also salute them.

As this committee mentioned earlier, City council should abandon long tradition Allowing members of the council to depart before the end of their term and appoint a successor. This is an incest practice that unfairly grants incumbent status outside the election process.

The right way to decide who will serve, and how to profit from a salary of about $ 87,000 a year, will take place this fall. And incumbents should welcome the challenge. They may argue that the undisputed race reflects the satisfaction of the people. But the lack of interest is just as likely, and much sadder.

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The contested election race for the Cleveland City Council is to be celebrated

Source link The contested election race for the Cleveland City Council is to be celebrated

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