The following Apple AirPods may help users track physical activity

The following AirPods may use new sensors to detect such activity.

The next-generation AirPods Pro may have new features, and this patent by Apple suggests that the technology could be rolled out to consumers in the market as early as next year. increase.

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Apple has filed a patent showing how the AirPods model tracks a user’s physical activity. Apple Insider reports that the “Wireless Earbud System with Pause Detection” is a newly published patent application that proposes to determine the details of movement via AirPods.

The patent proposes that AirPods may have sensors that collect directional information such as accelerometer readings while the user is on the move.

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“The ear buds may have sensors that collect directional information, such as the user’s moving accelerometer measurements,” the patent application states.

“The host electronic device communicates wirelessly with the earphones and forms part of the earphone system to provide coaching and feedback to the user while assessing the user’s performance in head movement routines or other exercise routines. It may be. “

Apple is likely to launch the next version of AirPods Pro later this year, this time with a new report that the next AirPods will have a motion sensor for fitness tracking.

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The second-generation AirPods Pro is expected to improve battery life with a redesigned, upgraded chip that offers advanced audio-related features such as active noise canceling and further improvements.

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Apple suppliers are preparing to ship new high-end AirPods. Second-generation AirPods Pro may support lossless audio support and a charging case that makes a sound to help you find it.

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The following Apple AirPods may help users track physical activity

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