“The Good Fight”: Nyambi Nyambi says Jay is “trying to find himself” after the season 5 premiere.Entertainment

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Good Fight Season 5 premiere, “Previously On…”]

Good fight The two protagonists, Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) And Lucca Quinn ()Cush Jumbo). Investigator Jay Dipasha (Nyanbi Nyanbi) I was hit hard from all directions and was hospitalized with COVID And I have to say goodbye to two important people in his life.

“What was cool in this episode was a kind of’previous on’, how we weave everything, and how quickly we put it all together,” Nyambi told TV Insider. “It was just an emotional roller coaster throughout. It was just a bit of an unknown through what these characters had experienced last year. We are these two great, great , Lost a great lawyer and actor, and it’s, well, what’s next? “

Nyanbi teases how his character handles all future changes.

Get the script and read heavy scenes like phone calls, ambulances, hospitals, farewells and more. What is your first reaction?

Nyanbi Nyanbi: Knowing that this would be the last episode of Delroy and Kush, I was wondering how they would end their story. So I expected it, but I expected how emotional I would feel about it, as they are not only great off-screen friends, but also very important to my character on the screen. I didn’t.so [it was] Very emotional. And of course, on top of that, you add that my character is experiencing COVID and hallucinations. So most of my thoughts were intestinal hurts. And at the same time, oh yeah, this was a complete left turn on the character, and on what I did in a surprising and weird way at the show, which made me very excited.

I was very excited about the opportunity to work on something that needs to be done more deeply than ever before. It took me a lot, but at the same time I was honored, there were some fears and it was just a pleasure to be able to take on this as an actor. But in doing so, everything that happened at COVID was a tough year, so it was very emotional. It was a challenge, to say the least, as I lost my family, friends, icons, and the people I respected.

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Jay experiences quite a bit in this episode. First of all, the good news is that he survived COVID, but he tells Adrian what he calls long-haul carriers. How effective will it be this season?

As you can see in the first episode, I started to hallucinate, those hallucinations have been with me all the time, and it’s a question of why these particular hallucinations as historical figures visit me all the time. .. The first episode features Jesus, Malcolm X, Karl Marx, and Frederick Douglass. Why these visions? And of course Soul train Commercials and everything else. “What? Why?” You can see the deeper meaning of this journey, and ultimately everything that happened to Jay when he was infected with the coronavirus, as it unfolds as the season progresses.

What did Jay need at that moment in the hospital conversation? COVID was wondering what to do after George Floyd …

Clarity came out after being knocked out by this virus and changed dramatically by realizing the world. In particular, what does the death of Breona Taylor and George Floyd mean to be black in the United States? It’s about protecting yourself, especially someone as an investigator in my field. I had the philosophy of never having a gun and never having a gun, but that was a question of what to do. How can I protect myself?

Nyan Binyan Visa Good Fight JD Pasha Season 2

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I’m just trying to find and understand the answer. What do I have to do to move forward and feel safe? And, figuratively speaking in terms of choosing to get and carry a gun, which is the full range of racism, the full range of discrimination that black men and women, and people of color experience on a daily basis? It’s not just about taking it. And figuratively, how do you perceive a huge thing like a pandemic?

You’re all happening at once and you’re trying to do something to protect yourself. I can’t protect myself from COVID-19, but that’s what, well, what do I do? And that’s all these questions. I need an answer. That’s what it means to Jay in that these historical figures try to help find the answer. But to say the least, it only causes more confusion.

How will Adrian and Lucca’s departure affect Jay in the future?

Lucca Quinn has been a great friend and ally of Jay Dipasha all the time we were together and our relationship has grown in terms of our friendship. So it was a big loss for our internal allies. And Adrian Boseman was like Jay’s father, and because Jay was there and lost such a person, Jay was put in a place trying to find himself: I Who is this company? Who am I in this life?

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There is so much to their loss — they lose my thoughts and grasp what it is to be black in this country in terms of my work life in terms of moving forward. Coronavirus is a long-distance transporter in terms of trying, and in that it does not fully understand the hardships my character has experienced, how I have traveled this world and everything that has happened. Understand how you can feel safe. .. When you put them all together, you lose my taste buds, you lose your sense of smell, you lose, you lose, Lose, Jay is now finding himself and trying to find out where he fits in all of these.

How much has the company changed this season?

Being with Diane, what we are trying to answer the question now [Christine Baranski] And Liz [Audra McDonald] Now that I’m the head of the company, the question is whether Diane, a white woman, can clench her teeth on the problems of African Americans and become the head of a historic black company that has struggled. .. Is the head white?And of course there are many dramas [and] Questions about it between Liz and Diane. It’s huge, Huge Part of our season. And a new character will appear. Mandy Patinkin Hull Wackner and Charmain Binwa play Carmen Moyo.

Another big change is that Jay and Marissa [Sarah Steele] As you can see, Marissa is no longer an investigator with her because she went on to law school to get a law degree as soon as possible and got over it. She is now learning what it means to be a lawyer. And she has a unique way to explore it with Mandy Patinkin’s character Hull Wackner. Hull Wackner is the regular man who decides “I’m going to start the coat” and he starts this coat behind the coffee shop. Therefore, he has filed a proceeding without any legal background. He puts the local law in his hands, so to speak.

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Yes, Marissa attending law school is another thing Jay is back with.

exactly. Again, it’s very isolated. At least for Jay, I feel like this. At least I’m trying to understand everything myself. Who am I in this whole upside down? And, so to speak, I’ve been left to my device.

Is there a hallucination that lasts?

Yeah they have become a kind of comfort. Where I am alone, in the real world, in the hallucinatory world, they are there in a way to associate with me and bounce things back, these big, big, Big You won’t understand the question I have that people who haven’t experienced what I’ve experienced as a long carrier will not be able to help with it.

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“The Good Fight”: Nyambi Nyambi says Jay is “trying to find himself” after the season 5 premiere.Entertainment

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