The group says Biden’s proposal will help restore Lake Erie, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio-Groups fighting for clean, affordable water are in favor of President Joe Biden’s budget for billions of dollars in water-related projects in the Great Lakes region. The American Jobs Plan We are proposing millions more dollars to the region.

Laura Rubin, director of the Healing our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, states that big problems need big solutions.

“Toxic pollution continues to threaten the health of our community. Sewage pollution continues to close our beaches. Harmful algae flowering continues to harm tourism and small businesses. “And climate change exacerbates many of these threats, especially floods.”

People who oppose Mr. Biden’s proposal are dissatisfied with the high prices. In Ohio, it is estimated that $ 27 billion will be needed to modernize sewage and drinking water systems.

Biden’s plan will increase the budget for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by $ 10 million and give the Environmental Protection Agency an additional $ 2 billion to strengthen polluter surveillance.

The American Jobs Plan, also known as the Infrastructure Bill, will spend an additional $ 111 billion on water quality protection over the next eight years.

Chad Lord, Coalition’s director of policy, said this would be a huge boost to environmental justice.

“These investments help eliminate toxic lead supply lines to people’s homes, accelerate the restoration of national drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and support communities most affected by pollution. We will provide the necessary investment, “Road insisted.

From 2009 to 2017, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative spent $ 246 million on more than 300 projects in Ohio alone, including purification of toxic pollution, mapping of harmful algal bloom outbreaks, and wetland and swamp restoration. Spent.

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The group says Biden’s proposal will help restore Lake Erie, Ohio

Source link The group says Biden’s proposal will help restore Lake Erie, Ohio

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