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The IRS will recalculate the unemployment allowance tax – refunds will begin in May

(NEXSTAR) – The IRS revisits the taxes paid by Americans to unemployment allowances on Thursday to ensure that those who submitted the American rescue plan before the law was signed do not miss important provisions in the bill. Announced to calculate.

In addition to the third round of the $ 1,400 stimulus check, the $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill changes the way taxes are levied on unemployment compensation and earns less than $ 150,000 in federal unemployment benefits received in 2020. Gave to those who get. Together, you can exclude up to $ 20,400 of unemployment allowance from your taxable income. All other taxpayers are $ 10,200.

Money returned to early filers will be automatically refunded this spring and summer, according to the IRS. The first refund will be made in May and will continue during the summer. The IRS also applies unpaid taxes to unpaid taxes.

Do taxpayers need to file an amended tax return?

For most taxpayers, the IRS does not have to handle everything and file an amended tax return.

The IRS begins the recalculation process with returns submitted by Americans subject to the $ 10,200 unemployment compensation exemption. The second stage includes those who get married and file jointly, and those who file more complex filings.

The only situation in which a taxpayer needs to file an amended tax return is when the IRS recalculation results in a person being eligible for federal credit and deductions that were not otherwise eligible.

For example, the IRS can adjust the taxpayer’s tax return for an earned income tax credit (EITC). The exclusion has changed your income level, so you are eligible to increase your EITC amount and may receive more refunds. However, taxpayers who did not originally claim EITC or other credits, but have changed their income due to the exclusion, are now required to file an amended tax return if they are eligible.

The IRS recommends that these taxpayers also check state tax returns.

The IRS states that it has notified tax filing software companies to make unemployment compensation exemptions available to qualified people.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered last year that more than 23 million U.S. workers applied for unemployment, but it’s still unclear how many have already applied for taxes before the U.S. rescue program was enacted. There is none.

With tax filing New exclusion of unemployment compensation..

The IRS will recalculate the unemployment allowance tax – refunds will begin in May

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