The luscious Citron Lantana soft pedal turns yellow in your heart

When asked to try the new Luscious Citron Lantana, my first thoughts were: Why do you need another yellow lantana in the world? But six months later, I know the answer. It has something to do with butterflies. You’ll know right away.

Let’s start with orange. There is a huge group of gardeners who think oranges are too flashy in the garden. Garden guys love oranges, and the more “Good Lawdy How Gaudy”, the better. However, if you change to apricot or salmon and tone down or neutralize a little, this group of gardeners will accept it. It’s like a soft pedaling orange.

Another big group feels the same about yellow. There is a reason why the school bus is yellow. You will notice immediately. It gets all the attention. So to speak, how do you move yellow with a soft pedal? Welcoming the luscious Yuzu Lantana, we will make our debut in 2022. Some might call it pastel, but if you’ve seen the fruit of yuzu, this will nail it.

Luscious Yuzu paints yellow on the hearts of all gardeners with a soft pedal. This is a lantana with a great habit of reaching 30 inches in height and width. I don’t know if it will bear fruit, as the one I planted didn’t have the first one. It simply grows at the right pace and keeps blooming.

I used Luscious Citron in and around Fuji Utsugi of Pugster Blue and Lo & Behold Ruby Chip. Both have compact habits and have become a perfect companion to their ability to bring color combinations and assortment of pollen maters.

It was especially exciting to see the Luscious Citron featured at the Young’s Plant Farm 2021 Garden Tour in Auburn, Alabama. They combined it with the Augusta Lavender Blue Heliotrope, which also debuted in 2022, and the Truffle Pink Sennichikou. To be honest, this partnership was great and looked like an artist-designed pastel palette.

The luscious Yuzu makes the series 11 colors. Their needs are simple — they need a lot of sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Proven winners advertise cold hardiness as a perennial plant in Zone 9 and below, making it a great annual plant in Zone 8 and below.

We grow luscious golden gates, citrus blends, royal cosmo and marmalade. All my gardens in Zone 8a are back from last winter. It had a lot of freezing time, but no record cold. Let’s see what happens this winter. In my experience, the second year is said to be more cold-resistant.

Despite all the other butterfly nectar options, the luscious yuzu is my favorite. Giant Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, and Camphor Tree Crow are all regulars and eat flowers. Small American female butterflies are also frequented.

As a gardener, my most frequent question about lantana is what I can do once the flowering stops. Lantana needs to be kept in a vigorous growing state for continuous flowering. Reducing, feeding and watering to stimulate growth during droughts are all part of a cure during long, hot summers.

The luscious Yuzu has the ability to keep blooming until it frosts, comparable to other plants in the garden. Please try. I’m sure the yellow will soften in your heart.

The luscious Citron Lantana will debut in 2022. The soft yellow flowers here form a perfect partnership with the Pugster Blue Butterfly Bush. American Lady Butterfly feels that honey is perfect.

The giant swallowtail, the largest butterfly in North America, can be seen eating the luscious Citron Lantana.

Norman Winter, gardener, gardener, author of “Southern Claw-Durable Flowers” and “Enchanting Combinations: Garden Colors and Styles”. Follow him on Facebook @ NormanWinterTheGardenGuy.

The luscious Citron Lantana soft pedal turns yellow in your heart

Source link The luscious Citron Lantana soft pedal turns yellow in your heart

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