The magic of the movie still resonates with the living actors of “Kids vs. Adults”.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Frank Capra’s story about redemption and a fulfilling life, bombed with box office revenue when released in early 1947.

The Christmas movie of the year that became a masterpiece of that era? “The miracle of 34th Avenue.”

For decades, “a wonderful life” was almost forgotten until 1974, when Republic Pictures failed to renew its copyright protection. This movie is now in the public domain. In other words, anyone could show a movie without getting permission or paying a royalties. Its popularity in television over the next 20 years has increased its popularity and brought a second life to the film.

After demonstrating that Republic Pictures owns the original story and music since 1994, NBC has exclusive rights to the film. “It’s a Wonderful Life” will air on December 4th and 24th, both at 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

Now it’s hard to imagine life in America without a movie. It was ranked 20th in the 100 Best Movies in 2007 by the American Film Institute. In an interview, Kapla and stars Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart said it was their favorite movie they’ve ever worked on.

It also plays Jimmy Hawkins in the movie, who played 4-year-old Tommy Bailey, and the famous line “Look, Dad. The teacher says,” Every time the bell rings, the angel gets the wings. “

But this movie was just a footnote to their lives until the late 1970s.

In a recent zoom interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to promote the release of the 75th Anniversary Blu-Ray DVD released on November 16, Hawkins said, “I’ve begun to hear more about it.” .. I thought, “Wow! This suddenly grew up!” He continued to be an actor in the 1950s and 1960s and collaborated with Reed on the “Donna Reed Show” from 1958 to 1966.

Grimes withdrew from the entertainment world as a teenager after his mother died of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and his father died in a car accident. Her life was full of tragedy. Her first husband died in a hunting accident. One of her children committed suicide. And her second husband died of cancer. She didn’t even see “it’s a wonderful life” until she was 40.

“When I first saw it, I was fascinated by the message from the movie,” Grimes said. “At that time, I knew why it was so special and I could understand why I started receiving fan emails and why people wanted an interview with me.”

In 1980, her name was changed and Google wasn’t there at the time, so she didn’t even know how journalists tracked her. However, the promotion allowed her to reunite with Stewart and Reed, making Grimes an unofficial ambassador for the film.

For the past 40 years, she has participated in countless screenings, perks and conventions. She helps build a film museum and returns to Seneca Falls, New York every December. This is a model of Bedford Falls, a small town in the movie, and participates in the “Great Life” festival.

For Grimes, the message of this movie is timeless. “How each person’s life interacts with others and we are given the opportunity to make a difference. It’s very important.”

She also likes the color version available on DVD.

“You can see much more in the background that you can’t see in the black and white version,” she said. “Paramount makes it really crisp and beautiful.”

“Some people don’t like black and white, so whatever it takes to get a message, that’s fine,” Hawkins added.

Hawkins said people approached both of them and watched the movie prevented them from committing suicide. And even at the age of 79, he said he felt like he was four again when thinking about the movie.

“When you ask us about people being on the set, you click back on it,” Hawkins said. “It’s very vivid. It’s like a million years ago or yesterday.”

When attending the “Donna Reed Show,” Reed said his nickname was on the crew members of the “It’s a Great Life” set. Lip Van Winkle.

“When this turmoil is happening, the lights, the camera, I’ll fall asleep,” he said. “When it was time to shoot, they woke me up and I all had bright eyes and a bushy tail!”

Hawkins also boasted that he won a watermelon eating contest at a wrap party a few years later. What’s his secret? Swallow whole watermelon seeds. “It takes time to spit out seeds,” Hawkins said. “I continued!” Evidence was recorded on film and shown a few years later.

The movie itself is quite dark on multiple levels, and Grimes believes that those who came out of World War II weren’t ready for it yet. Stewart himself didn’t want to act again after flying a naval plane over Germany, but as Hawkins said, actor Lionel Barrymore, who plays the stingy Potter in the movie, told Stewart. I persuaded him to do that.

“This movie is like coffee cream,” Hawkins said. “It just goes to the top.”

James Stewart, who plays George Bailey, embraces the actor Caroline Grims, who plays her daughter Zuzu, in a still image of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The magic of the movie still resonates with the living actors of “Kids vs. Adults”.

Source link The magic of the movie still resonates with the living actors of “Kids vs. Adults”.

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