The man charged with the US Capitol riot worked at the FBI, lawyers say

Washington DC (AP) —According to authorities, the leader of the far-right Orskipers militia group, helping to organize other militia circles and helping them Last month’s attack His lawyer said Monday that he had held confidential security clearances at the US Capitol for decades and previously worked for the FBI.

Thomas Coldwell, who believes authorities are playing a leading role in extremist groups, worked as FBI chief from 2009 to 2010 after retiring from the Navy, his lawyer, Thomas Profchan. Wrote in a motion urging the judge to release him in prison while he was waiting for a trial.

According to Plofchan, defense denies that it is part of Oath Keepers, saying Caldwell has maintained confidential security clearances since 1979 and requires multiple special background checks. It was. Caldwell also ran a consulting firm that did confidential work for the US government, lawyers said.

“He has been scrutinized and discovered many times as a person worthy of the trust and trust of the US Government, as shown by giving him top secret clearance,” Plovchan wrote.

Most section chiefs within the FBI have promoted the rank of the bureau, and it is unclear whether Caldwell was hired directly for that position or whether he was in another position at the bureau. The FBI didn’t comment immediately on Monday night, and Caldwell’s lawyer didn’t immediately answer questions about his client’s work.

Caldwell is one of three people who described him as the keeper of a vow that authorities were charged with conspiracy last month and previously accused of attempting to attack the Capitol.He has been Trapped since his arrest January 19th, at my home in Berryville, Virginia.

Caldwell’s lawyer refused to enter the Capitol and said there were “physical restrictions” that prevented 66-year-olds from forcing them into the building.

Caldwell’s lawyer said his client had retired as a major in the Navy and he was a “100% disabled veteran.” Caldwell suffered from complications related to “service-related injuries,” such as shoulder, back, and knee problems, the lawyer said. According to court filings, Caldwell underwent spinal surgery in 2010, but later failed, leading to the diagnosis of chronic spinal problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The billing document shows a message between Caldwell and others about placing a hotel room in the Washington area the day before the siege. In one of the Facebook messages to Caldwell, the other said: You are a male commander. “

Authorities say the pledge keeper communicated during the attack as to where the MPs were. At some point during the siege, Caldwell received a message that “all members are in a tunnel under the capital,” according to court documents. “Seal the gas in turn,” he said.

According to court documents, the other message was written as follows:

Caldwell is among the approximately 200 people who have been besieged by federal crimes such as parliamentary turmoil, chaotic behavior, and assault. A special group of prosecutors are considering whether to file a sedition charge, officials said.

Some members of Proud Boys, a far-right male xenophobic extremist group who took control of the Trump administration’s policies Indicted in a conspiracy He was accused of working together during the siege.

The man charged with the US Capitol riot worked at the FBI, lawyers say

Source link The man charged with the US Capitol riot worked at the FBI, lawyers say

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