The McLaren Altura is announced as the brand’s first plug-in hybrid supercar, combining 680 horsepower-Technology News, Firstpost

The look can be fooled, and under McLaren Artura’s certainly familiar “shrink wrap” skin, it’s a really brand new supercar. In fact, McLaren has entered a new era with great emphasis, and Artura is leading a new line of supercars backed by a new platform, the McLaren, with the newly developed twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6. A rear suspension setup inspired by carbon lightweight architecture (MCLA) and motorsport consisting of upper wishbones and lower multi-link system.

But back to the basics of Artura, the total output is 680hp and 720Nm torque, all sent to the rear wheels via the new 8-speed automatic, and for the first time in McLaren it will be an electronic differential instead of an open corner. A differential to improve drive and reduce understeer.

The numbers in the heading are reasonably impressive-3 seconds 0-100 kph, 8.3 seconds 0-200 kph, 21.5 seconds 0-300 kph, top speed is limited to 330 kph. Despite the hybrid powertrain, the Artura weighs 1,498 kg of curb and is comparable to ICE supercars such as the Ferrari F8 Tributo and Lamborghini Huracán. The McLaren Altura was launched in the global market in the third quarter of 2021 and is priced at £ 185,500 in the United Kingdom.

The maximum speed of the McLaren Altura is rated at 330kph.Image: McLaren

Digging into the powertrain details, the new 2,993 cc V6 places two turbos in the hot “Bee” in a 120 degree bank of cylinders to improve throttle response, reduce lag and lower the center of gravity. I will. It was also the first McLaren engine to use direct injection and was cast using a 3D printed core. This process has gradually declined from Formula 1. The new engine weighs only 160 kg, 50 kg lighter than the McLaren V8. Used in all previous McLaren supercars. The internal combustion output contributes 585hp and 585Nm of torque up to the red line up to 8,500rpm, and the electric motor pitches in at 95hp and up to 225Nm including torque infill. Interestingly, the motor is an axial flux motor that is fully integrated into the transmission casing, rather than the radial flux type used in most vehicle applications, producing a more torque-dense package. In fact, it has 33% more torque density than the motor used in the company’s first hybrid supercar, the McLaren P1, but it’s not a plug-in.

The new 8-speed dual clutch transmission is 40mm shorter than the 7-speed gearbox used by McLaren. It also drops the reverse gear and relies on an electric motor that operates in reverse instead-the 7.4kWh battery pack holds the minimum charge so the driver won’t get stuck without the reverse gear. With electricity alone, Artura can cover 30km at speeds up to 120kph. This is the first McLaren plug-in hybrid to charge up to 80% in 2.5 hours, depending on the drive mode selected, except that it draws energy from the ICE during normal driving. Modes span electric-only modes, comfort where the engine stops at less than 40 km / h, and sports and trucks where the motor contributes to torque filling.

Now possible with the new MCLA platform, McLaren has also moved to a domain-based Ethernet electrical architecture. This reduces cabling by 25% and speeds up data transfers. Artura includes ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and OTA updates, as well as advanced tire data analysis enabled by Pirelli’s cyber tire technology. Temperature to the stability control system of the car. Pirelli P-Zeros also features PNCS, a noise canceling system that uses a sound absorber mounted on the inner wall of the tire to reduce vibration and noise.

McLaren also made Artura more livable and eventually improved the cabin layout, including automatic headlamps, for example, repositioning the drive mode toggle on the steering column. The seat is also patented, and the new Clubsport seat features a new adjustment mechanism that moves the entire seat for thigh support, height, and backrest movement. Finally, returning to the Artura look, which is about 570S in size and has a deep headlight socket inspired by the 720S, is followed by a clean, minimalist McLaren look (with, of course, a distinctive two-sided door). However, the following touches have been added: The fender vent louver packs an integrated rear wing that helps relieve air pressure in the wheel wells and optimize aerodynamics.

The McLaren Altura is announced as the brand’s first plug-in hybrid supercar, combining 680 horsepower-Technology News, Firstpost

Source link The McLaren Altura is announced as the brand’s first plug-in hybrid supercar, combining 680 horsepower-Technology News, Firstpost

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