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It was a difficult year New Amsterdam, This wrote a real-world pandemic in the season, but it’s over (Very) happy note.. And the good news is: it will continue.

“I think getting out of the pandemic this season will only increase the joy, happiness, and love of those around you. Instead of confronting the pandemic oppression, the characters will have a hard time chasing and discovering their own happiness. “Their happiness and keeping it up,” executive producer David Schulner tells TV Insider. “Episode 1 of Season 4 is called” More Joy “and it’s really a declaration of the coming season. “

“It’s really about reassessing your life after all of us have experienced it and realizing that we’re desperately grasping what I love and getting rid of what doesn’t bring me joy,” he said. Say add

That happiness is due to medical director Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) May be more successful than Season 3 (a large amount of vaccine has expired because we decided to deliver the vaccine to those who did not receive it). , Because of the state of the world. “I felt it was really dishonest to give Max a lot of victories when the world was constantly losing,” Schulner explains. “I think Max’s journey reflects many of this year’s healthcare professionals’ journeys to keep their heads on the water while pushing the limits of their facility.”

Also, I don’t see Max trying to solve the same big problems as Season 3. At some point he declared he was trying to solve global warming. “It got a little” Executive Producer and Director Peter horton I agree with laughter. “It was a little preached. Those problems were very prevalent. I had to tell all the stories in episode 14 instead of episode 22, so I could spread it a bit, but yeah, who? I was very passionate and wanted to deal with a big problem. I think I went a little further. “

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Next year’s plan is to offer more New Amsterdam It was like the first two seasons. “We’re going back a bit more towards more kinds of internal issues: the dynamics of character-patient relationships and what it means to be human again. Living most naturally. “I’m doing it,” Houghton previews.

Speaking of change, looking at the past, Dr. Helen Sharp (Freema Agyeman), While in England with my family, I saw how the clinic she worked for was affected by the years gone by. “It definitely had a really serious impact on her,” Schulner confirms. Look at that factor to the following regarding her career:

It may or may not include her and Max Butting’s head working ( At the end I personally took a big step). “I think everything is at the table in Season 4,” says Schulner.

Shiva Karai Selvan Janet Montgomery New Amsterdam Season 3 Ray Love Room

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The story they tell in the hospital has to be changed a bit simply because of the doctor’s personal relationship. Max and Helen are together. Dr. Bloom (Janet Montgomery) Is dating a current resident, Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan). Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims) Is involved with a doctor (Francisterner) in an open marriage with another doctor in New Amsterdam — he just gave him a promotion.

“Next season, we’ll see more relationships and personal stories, because they’re simply inevitable,” Schulner continues.

Also in Season 4: A new doctor. “We’re in the process of creating those characters, which is really exciting for us,” says EP.

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The “New Amsterdam” EP promises “more joy” and interpersonal dynamics for Season 4 | Entertainment

Source link The “New Amsterdam” EP promises “more joy” and interpersonal dynamics for Season 4 | Entertainment

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