The Trump impeachment trial will be like prosecuting a “violent crime” with new evidence, Democrats say.

The case that the Democratic Party of the House built in him against former President Donald Trump Second impeachment trialBeginning Tuesday afternoon is similar to “criminal charges for violent crimes,” said a senior aide to the impeachment manager team.

The House manager also plans to use evidence against Trump that has never been seen before, the aide did not provide details, but told reporters prior to the start of the procedure.

In their presentation, the manager said after seeing Trump spending weeks laying the groundwork for the riots at the US Capitol on January 6, and what he was doing, “he did it further. The aide said he would try to show that he was “stimulated.”

Trump’s second impeachment trial will begin at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, and Senators will discuss procedural and constitutional questions before starting discussions the next day.

First, the Senate is convened to pass an organizational resolution that directs the structure of the trial. Up to four hours of discussions between House managers and Trump lawyers on the constitutionality of the proceedings against the former president will follow.

45 Republican Senators voted last month Support for measures They argued that the proceedings were unconstitutional and said they simply wanted to discuss the issue, as their vote may not show how they see the issue. After discussions on constitutionality, the Senate will vote on whether to continue. This is a measure that requires only a simple majority and is expected to pass. It sets the stage for the Senate to begin reviewing the impeachment “Riot Incitement” article on Wednesday.

Trump is the first president to be impeached Twice In the House of Representatives, he will be the first former president to be tried in the Senate.he Impeached Most recently, by the House of Representatives on January 13 due to his role in a violent riot by a Trump mob at the US Capitol a week ago.

The opening discussions are expected to begin Wednesday noon, with the house manager first, followed by the president’s lawyer.

Both sides take 16 hours to give a presentation. This is less than the 24 hours allotted for Trump’s first trial and the subsequent impeachment trial for President Bill Clinton.

According to two sources familiar with legal strategy, it is likely that Trump’s defense team will not fully use the 16 hours. This is subject to change, but reflects current thinking and outward optimism from Trump’s lawyers heading to trial. Sources believe that the House Impeachment Manager will use all of the allotted time.

Trials are expected to last weekends and until next week, with each trial day expected to take approximately 8 hours. This means that most days last until at least 8 pm, but after that if you take a break.

During the opening discussions, Senators over a four-hour period by submitting written questions to Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, acting Mayor of the Senate, who presides over the trial and reads aloud. You can ask both sides.

Administrators can then discuss and vote on witness calls and document subpoening. If that doesn’t happen, both sides will move to closing arguments, lasting a total of four hours and voting on whether to convict.

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The Trump impeachment trial will be like prosecuting a “violent crime” with new evidence, Democrats say.

Source link The Trump impeachment trial will be like prosecuting a “violent crime” with new evidence, Democrats say.

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