The university is considering requiring students to be vaccinated with Covid to help young adults increase the number of cases.

Dickinson State University in North Dakota plans to encourage students to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Fully vaccinated students will receive pins or bracelets that are exempt from the campus-wide masking obligations.

Dickinson vaccination incentives are optional. Thursday Rutgers University In New Jersey, he said more than 71,000 students would need to be vaccinated to attend autumn classes on campus. The university president, Jonathan Holloway, said in a statement that students studying only in remote areas would not need to be vaccinated and would receive medical and religious exemptions.

Rutgers could be one of the first large universities to mandate Covid-19 vaccination, if not the first, and other universities could follow suit.

“I’ve just begun to hear the debate about mandatory vaccines. Everyone I’ve talked to says they’re leaning towards making vaccines mandatory not only for students, but also for faculty and staff,” Lin said. .. Pasquerella, President of the American College Association.

Some universities reached by NBC News said they do not yet have a clear plan for vaccination requirements.

“At this time, we have no plans to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine,” said a spokesperson for the University of California President’s Office. The University of Notre Dame said “no decision has been made” on the obligations of students to return home in the fall. The University of Michigan does not require vaccinations for students “at this time”. No vaccinations are required at this time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“The university encourages qualified students, faculty and staff to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available,” Robert A. Bruin, Vice-President and President of UNC Chapel Hill, said in a statement. I’m doing it. “

But encouragement may soon turn stronger Vaccine supply increases..

Young crowd Spring break party Dr. Alison Alwadi, a Chicago health commissioner, said Wednesday that people between the ages of 18 and 39 are causing a pandemic.City Recent surge In some cases, it is reminiscent of the surge in autumn.

According to experts, it is important to vaccinate young people and young adults in their teens and older, even if the age group is at low risk for severe Covid-19. Already in Alaska, Arizona, California, North Dakota, Ohio, and many other states have expanded or will soon be vaccinated for all persons over the age of 16.

Death is not the only result of Covid-19.

However, vaccine hesitation among young adults presents challenges.

these days Pew Research Center Survey It turns out that young adults are less likely to intend vaccination than older people.

Most universities already have vaccination requirements and need to be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella. Meningitis; and hepatitis B.

Angelara Mussen, a virologist at Georgetown University’s Global Health Sciences and Security Center in Washington, DC, said young people may be less ill, but could be a major driver of viral infections. Stated. A significant number of people will still be hospitalized. Others with mild illness may continue to develop protracted symptoms.

“Death is not the only result of Covid-19,” Rasmussen said. “There are some other very unpleasant consequences that can have a lasting effect on your health. Therefore, there are no existing risk conditions to avoid suffering from any of these. Young people definitely need to be vaccinated. “

Tara Smith, an epidemiology professor at Kent State University in Ohio, agreed that young adults should be vaccinated and said that if they get sick, they can cause protracted effects from the virus. It was.

“Even if they don’t die, it doesn’t mean they come out unharmed,” she said.

Dr. Adam Gaffney, a life-saving physician and instructor at Harvard Medical School, has treated critically ill young patients with Covid-19.

“I have cared for ICU patients across all age groups, including young adults,” he said. “If there is a possibility of avoiding a fatal situation, why not take it, no matter how unusual it is?”

Even people at low risk of serious illness need to be vaccinated to prevent the population More contagious coronavirus mutantPaul Bieniasz, a professor of virology at Rockefeller University in New York, said.

“The less viral replication that occurs in the general public, the less likely it is to be a new virus. More dangerous variants ” “It’s that easy,” he said.

The university plans to hold face-to-face lessons in the fall, so it has also decided whether to require vaccinations for returnees.

Ultimately, having vaccinated students on campus will greatly improve their ability to learn in a comfortable and safe environment, Pasquerella said.

“I think it certainly helps alleviate the spread of the disease, especially when we look at the variants that are emerging in certain parts of the country,” she said. “And it also helps create a learning environment where students can thrive.”

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The university is considering requiring students to be vaccinated with Covid to help young adults increase the number of cases.

Source link The university is considering requiring students to be vaccinated with Covid to help young adults increase the number of cases.

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