Things to do between Austin and San Antonio

There are lots of things you could do in Austin and San Antonio. However, if you are the type that is always on the move, it so happens that you could also do a lot in between the cities. Texas, one of the largest states in the United States, houses both cities. The distance between both cities is averagely 130km via road and 120km via air. You could spend an averageof 1 hour 30 mins to 3 hours travelling between these cities. In this article, we will be taking a good look at the various things you could do between Austin and San Antonio.

Fun Museums in San Antonio

Who doesn’t love a nice and comfy museum? Whether classic, antique, or specially made for kids. In this section, we look at some of the attractive museums in San Antonio.

  • The Alamo: This is a historical museum established as far back as 1778. It has a rich history and is a true symbol of prestige to Texans.
  • Witte Museum: This museum serves as a confluence for Culture, Science, and Mother Nature.
  • The DoSeum: This is a museum specially crafted for kids. It is known as a portal for the enablement and powering of the minds of kids.
  • Briscoe western Museum: Found on the banks of the great River walk, this museum evokes great memories of the rich culture of the western folks.
  • McNay Art Museum: This Museum is primarily known to encourage its vast community with discovery and entertainment.
  • The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum: Having existed for over 135 years, this museum is a favourite for its target audience. It features animals and some fun games like shooting and other forms of hunting.
  • San Antonio Museum of Art: This is a museum located in a brewing plant near the River Walk. It is home to Roman, Greek, Latin, and Asian Art.

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Cathedral Light Show San Antonio

San Antonio provides various forms of entertainment and fun, but one of the most remarkable is its light show. The famous light shows popularly called “The Saga” was created by the French art maestro Xavier de Richemont. The Saga is displayed at the San Fernando Cathedral, one of the oldest of its kind in North America. The Saga provides a 20-25 minute, 7000 square feet long video display. The video displays are open and free for the public, and they can be seenon all days of the week bar Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from now till 2024.

Water Activities in San Antonio

Except you are one of those, who have some enmity with water (except that you can’t help but drink it). You definitely will love to have a cruise and a fun time with some aquatic activities in San Antonio. Here are some of the water activities and sites found in San Antonio.

  • Rio San Antonio Cruises: Here, you can have the genuine privilege of cruising on the famous San Antonio River. A cruise is approximately 35 minutes long and is about 1.5 miles in the distance.
  • Off the Hook Fishing Trips: It is definitely a lot of fun fishing and having to make multiple trips makes it much better.
  • Guadalupe Canoe Livery: This livery goes as far back as 1971. You can enjoy various activities such as canoeing, kayaking, tube trips, or rafting.
  • Mission Reach Paddling Trail: This is just like your conventional rowing or paddling. Mission reach is a trail found downstream of Roosevelt Park.

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San Antonio Backpackers

Backpacking and hiking are quite a common sight in this part of the world. The reason is quite obvious, and this is a city with so much land and viable spots for such activities.  It is advised that you stay in a hostel instead of a hotel if you are going to San Antonio for backpacking. Hostels are much cheaper, and you get to meet your mates and have a hell of a swell time. Furthermore, what has a backpacker got to do in a hotel! The fun in backpacking is concentrated on fraternities and groups. Have a swell time backpacking!


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