Thirty years after the murder, the family tries to keep the murderer behind the bar

Rocky River graduate Melissa Herstram was killed in 1992 by Toledo University police officer Jeffrey Hodge. At the age of 52, Hodge is ready for parole.

Rocky River, Ohio — Update: On Wednesday, the Parole Commission denied Jeffrey Hodge’s petition for early release.

It’s very difficult to list all the ways Melissa Ann Hurstram’s loved ones missed her. However, on a chilly morning on the Rocky River, I sat down and tried it with Melissa’s sister Cindy Hurstram Clark and Melissa’s best friend TJ McManamon.

“I missed her infectious laughter and how she looked at life,” her sister Cindy told us. “She was so lively and spiritual, her personality was just contagious. I missed how she celebrated her holidays and how much she loved family time and all of them. . “

“Melissa was a very nice friend. She was a very affectionate soul. She was great to be around: happy and fun … I miss her every day she isn’t here It’s been a long 30 years and I really had a hard time, “said TJ McManamon.

In January 1992, their beloved Melissa’s life was stolen from her by Jeffrey Hodge, a police officer at the University of Toledo. Hodge pulled Melissa and took her to a parking lot on a remote campus, then killed her and left her body frozen on the ground.

“This event really changed us all. It changed everything … the way we see life, the way we treat people … it’s very good to work at a particular time. It was difficult, “said TJ.

“It’s a hole in my parents’ heart. It’s a hole in my heart. It’s all life that we couldn’t share with her because she was 19 years old,” Cindy said. rice field.

They have dealt with the pain for 30 years, but now it is expanding given that her murderer will be released.

“He is ready for parole, but he was 30 years old for life imprisonment,” Cindy said.

30 in life But it’s only 29 years old. And every year, I have intolerable memories of how she was taken.

“He shot her 14 times at close range and her clothes were partially removed. He wanted to see the effects of the bullets, so I need to relive all of this, but anyway I He never leaves his memory. He is dangerous, “Cindy said. Fight tears.

But that wasn’t the only way he killed her. That was after he then quivered Melissa’s family to this day.

“He wanted to go to an autopsy and witnessed an autopsy. He was also guarding outside the Sorority House. He found himself and his partner, so he took the whole scene. Was staged, “said TJ.

How could I release the killer? In a statement, Ohio Corrections Bureau spokesman Jo Ellen Smith said:

“He served 30 years, minus 430 days in prison, and is eligible for the first hearing.

“He earned 30% good time, so he is eligible to consider parole after serving 70% of his minimum sentence.”

Meanwhile, Melissa’s family says he is a monster and cannot change.

“He passed all the psychological tests that police officers pass, and how many people could commit such violent crimes, as quoted without the quotes programmed at the Marion Correctional Facility. Is it programmable? “Cindy said.

“I had no regrets at the time, I have no regrets now, and I don’t think it will happen in the future,” TJ said.

Melissa’s old classmate at Rocky River High School Campaigns and websites To keep Hodge in jail.

“The best we can do is to write. We can write the governor and write the parole committee,” TJ said.

But for Cindy and her parents, they feel they are imprisoned and suffer forever from Melissa’s images.

“I really don’t understand how my parents need to experience this in the next few years, and I still can’t go back and relive these feelings. We try to suppress them. But I can’t forget. I can’t forget. Forget how she lay in the casket. I can’t forget it. I don’t forget it. I forget her memory. I don’t want to, but I don’t forget what he did, and I make sure he can do the rest of my life. He stays where he needs to stay, “Cindy said. rice field.

Click to visit Melissaforever.com here.

If you are interested in writing a letter about Jeffrey Hodge, see below.

Ohio Parole Commission
See also: Jeffrey Hodge [A275835]
4545 Fisher Road, Suite D
Columbus, Ohio 43228

If you want to send an email, you can send it here.

Subject: Jeffrey Hodge [A275835]

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Thirty years after the murder, the family tries to keep the murderer behind the bar

Source link Thirty years after the murder, the family tries to keep the murderer behind the bar

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