“This is about my life”

Kyrie Irving said she understands the history and financial implications of his decision not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and is ready to stand up to what he believes.

Brooklyn Nets benched Irving earlier this week as he couldn’t practice or play in New York City due to lack of vaccination and wouldn’t put the team in a situation where he was a part-time road player. He said he was in.

Irving dealt with the situation Wednesday night while talking on Instagram Live. They were his first public comment since September 27, when he chatted with reporters via a video conference.

“Financial impact, I know I don’t even want it,” Irving, 29, said. “But in order to be in New York City, the reality is that you need to be vaccinated to join the team. I chose not to be vaccinated. That was my choice. Just ask everyone to respect. The choice.

“I’m going to be part of all this, staying fit, ready to play, ready to lock out with my teammates. This isn’t political. It’s about the NBA. It’s not about things, it’s about my life and what I’m choosing. “

It’s floating in the air when or if he will get a chance to play this season. But Irving, who won the NBA title at the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, said he hadn’t given up on his dream of winning another championship in Brooklyn with superstars Kevin Durant and James Harden.

And he said he wouldn’t retire.

If he doesn’t play this season, he could lose more than $ 17 million in payments for games that would have been played in Brooklyn and Madison Square Garden.

“Do you really want me to lose money? Do you really want to give up my dream that I go after the championship? You really want me to give up my job Do you think? I really just want to sit at home Follow those who could grow up with their teammates, learn and learn to make sacrifices in this space, “said Irving. “… Do you want to give up my livelihood for a mission because I don’t have accommodation because I haven’t been vaccinated?”

Irving said he was neither pre-vaccinated nor opposed to vaccination, but that was not appropriate for him. He emphasized that he was not angry with the Nets or the NBA and did not blame those who decided to vaccinate.

“You have to make these beliefs yourself,” he said. “Oh, you’ll lose money. You’ll lose this.” So what. It’s not a matter of money, baby. It’s about choosing the one that works best for you. “

He continued:

“I’m rooted in what I believe. It’s as easy as that. It’s not antibacs or being in one or the other. It’s true that it really feels good to me. That’s it …. If you’re going to ask more questions and take the time to be demonized to make decisions in your life, that’s exactly what I’ve done in my life. I know the outcome of the decision. I’m not here to sugar coat one of them. “

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“This is about my life”

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