Three Men in Central Ohio Convict $ 2.4 Million Online Romance Scam

The three men created multiple online dating profiles, demanded money, and did not spend money for the reasons they told the victims.

Columbus, Ohio — A man at Lewis Center pleaded guilty to a federal court on Monday for attempting $ 2.4 million in money laundering from an online romance scam for nearly two years.

According to Vipal Patel, Deputy Federal Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, 50-year-old Eric Ahiekpor also admitted that he misused CARES Act’s loan funds to buy his own boat while he was released from the initial prosecution. I did.

Kwame Yeboa of Columbus and Robert Asante of the Winchester Canal also pleaded guilty to the money laundering program.

According to court documents, the trio created several profiles on online dating sites. After establishing a relationship, they will demand money for investment opportunities or other reasons.

The victim was sent account information and remittance address. According to Patel, the name of the account was Ahiekpol, Yeboa, Asante’s name, family name, or company name. No money was spent for the reasons the three gave to the victims.

By pleading guilty, Patel says Ahiekpol has not been accused of committing a romance scam, but instead admits that Yeboa and Asante helped move money from the United States to Ghana. ..

Meanwhile, while Ahiekpor was released from the Romance Scam, Patel obtained a $ 150,000 coronavirus rescue loan from his business, Premier Choice Health Services in Columbus, a $ 32,000 boat, another. He says he spent money on his boats and motors. And boat trailers.

Patel says he continued to misuse the loan’s funds even after Ahiekpor was released from allegations of money laundering.

Money laundering and wire fraud plots are criminal accusations punished by up to 20 years in prison, fines, and confiscation of money involved in a crime.

Three Men in Central Ohio Convict $ 2.4 Million Online Romance Scam

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