Threenan challenges Manchester in the 86th ward

LIMA — Ohio’s newly drawn 86th Parliamentary District could be one of the most competitive contests the Republicans see for the May 3 primary.

Lima’s JJ Threenan was approved by the Allen County Election Commission last week for a Republican spot on the November ballot in District 86. He is currently looking for a seat held by Speaker of the House Bob Cup, R-Lima, who cannot seek re-election due to term restrictions.

The opponent of Threenan under the new legislative map consisting of Allen County and northern Auglaize County is Susan Manchester in R-Waynesfield. Mansfield is currently in his second term as a member of the 84th House of Commons in Ohio, representing the counties of Auglaize, Shelby, Darke, and Mercer.

He and Manchester seem to share some of the same passion. Threenan, who chaired the Big Brothers Big Sisters in the Midwestern Ohio in the early 2000s, said he had read an article in which Manchester referred to their work with them as what they shared.

“We crossed the road. Probably for two years, we probably did some similar things. I’m sure we’re different, and that’s okay,” says Threenan. I did.

Mr. Threenan told Lima News that he had campaigned in the first election and had no intention of running for public office, but felt obliged after being fed up with today’s politics. Eventually, a fellow group of churches in the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Lima gave him the first nudge to consider taking office.

“The group discussion continued to go where someone had to stand up and say something. At about the same time I happened, I went to a political rally, and of the people on stage. One person seemed to talk to me directly and asked who would step up and run, “he said. “It was as if God was calling me. I am at the stage of my career as much as possible.”

Peer groups and rallies may have influenced Threenan. It was his fear of what his children’s generation would be and his father’s fierce instinct to protect his children from losing everything he cherishes.

“For the past few years, I believe that the rights and freedoms that our God has given us in this country have been eroded by left-minded politicians and educators,” Sleenan said. “The pace of this erosion seemed to double during the pandemic. The big problem is that most citizens chose to remain silent and passive while this was happening. So I think I chose to run to get my children and their generation more involved in reversing the erosion of our rights and freedoms. “

JJ Sreenan will challenge Susan Manchester for a Republican nomination in the newly drawn 86th district in the May 3 primary.

Threenan challenges Manchester in the 86th ward

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