Timothy Wiggins family remember him, react to charges

Timothy Wiggins died in a crash on I-270 over the summer involving a Columbus fire engine driven by firefighter Tyler Conners.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — This week, Columbus firefighter Tyler Conners, 25, was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after a fatal crash on Interstate 270 in July that killed 63-year-old Timothy Wiggins.

According to the crash report, the fire truck was in the second from the left lane of the four-lane highway and tried to turn directly into the median. It hit a car in the median. Then, the back of the truck was sticking out, and that’s when the car Wiggins was driving crashed into the fire truck. The crash report said the fire truck did not have lights or sirens activated. Wiggins died instantly. 

His family said they were left shocked and devastated.

“He was a great guy. There wasn’t anyone he disliked, he liked everybody. He would give you the shirt off his back and he was a master carpenter,” said Donna Roach, Wiggins’ best friend.

Gahanna police said the fire truck was not responding to an emergency at the time of the crash. Wiggins’ family said they wish the driver would have made a better decision.

“Instead of going to the next exit, he just wanted to get to the turnaround. But unfortunately, he wasn’t patient enough for that” said Malia Roach, Wiggins’ step-daughter.

They are happy that Conners, the driver of the fire engine, is being charged but they feel the charge isn’t enough.

“I’m glad that justice is being served. Unfortunately, it’s only a small charge and it won’t bring him back no matter what which is the worst part,” said Malia.

10TV asked the women what they would say to Conners if they saw him.

“He took a very good man from us. I’m sorry it’s happening to him, but he needs to be responsible for what he did, taking someone’s life like that,” said Donna.

Conners will appear in court on Friday.

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