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June 10

Today’s highlights


President John F. Kennedy signed the 1963 Equal Wage Act, which aims to close the gender pay gap.

Also on this date


The first execution as a result of the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts took place when Bridget Bishop was hanged.


Singer and actor Judy Garland was born in Francis Ethel Gum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith (left) and William Griffith Wilson.


Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith and William Griffith Wilson in Akron, Ohio.


During World War II, German troops slaughtered 173 men in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, in retaliation for the killing of Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich.


German troops slaughtered 642 inhabitants of the French village Oradour-sur-Grane.


The six-day war in the Middle East involving Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq ended as Israel and Syria accepted a suspension through the United Nations.


President Richard M. Nixon has lifted the 20-year-old embargo on China.


James Earl Ray, a convicted assassin of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has escaped from Brushy Mountain prison in Tennessee with six others. He was recaptured on June 13.


Affirmed rode Steve Kosen to win the 110th Belmont Stakes to win the 11th Triple Crown of Horse Racing.


Eleven-year-old Jacey Dugard in South Lake Tahoe, California, was kidnapped by Philip and Nancy Garrido. Jacey was detained by the couple for 18 years before being discovered by the authorities.


Singer and musician Ray Charles died at the age of 73 in Beverly Hills, California.


The jury’s selection began in Sanford, Florida, with the trial of George Zimmermann, a vigilance volunteer who was charged with a second murder in a deadly shooting by 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. (Zimmerman was acquitted.)

10 years ago: Severe rebuke, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said in Brussels that the future of the historic NATO military alliance is at stake due to aversion to European penny pinches and frontline combat. I warned. Tony La Russa managed the 5,000th match as St. Louis Cardinals lost to Milwaukee Brewers 8-0.

Five years ago: Muhammad Ali was put to rest in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, after an all-day see-off. “Mr. Hockey, who set a scoring record for decades,” Gordie Howe died in Sylvania, Ohio at the age of 88. NBC’s “The Voice” finalist singer Christina Grimmie, 22, committed suicide in Orlando, Florida, when a clearly enthusiastic fan gave a concert. Actor Michael Jace was sentenced to life imprisonment in Los Angeles for shooting his wife in April.

A year ago: Protesters defeated a century-old statue of President Jefferson Davis, the former Confederate capital in Richmond, Virginia. President Donald Trump said his administration “does not even consider” renaming any of the ten Army bases named after Confederate officers. NASCAR has announced that it will ban the Confederate flag at all races and venues. The flag has been a common sight at those events for over 70 years. About three months after the Minnesota tourist attraction was closed due to the coronavirus, the Mall of America reopened. According to international economic reports, the viral crisis caused the worst global recession in almost a century, leaving hundreds of millions of people unemployed.

Today’s birthday

Actor Alexandra Stewart is 82 years old. Singer Shirley Alston Reeves (The Shirelles) is 80 years old. Actor Jurgen Prohonou is 80 years old. Media commentator Jeff Greenfield is 78 years old. Actor Frankie Faison is 72 years old. Football Hall of Fame Dan Fouts is 70 years old. Country singer-songwriter Tom. Skyler is 69 years old. Former Senator Jon Edwards, DN.C. Is 68 years old. Actor Andrew Stevens is 66 years old. Singer Barrington Henderson is 65 years old. Rock musician Kim Deal is 60 years old. Singer Maxi Priest is 60 years old. Actor Gina Gershon is 59 years old. Actor Jeanne Tripplehorn is 58 years old. Rock musician Jimmy Chamberlin is 57 years old. Actor Ben Daniels is 57 years old. Actor Kate Flannery is 57 years old. Model actor Elizabeth Hurley is 56 years old. Rock musician Joey Santiago is 56 years old. Actor Doug McKeon is 55 years old. Rock musician Emma Anderson is 57 years old. 54. Country musician Brian Hofeld (The Derailers) is 54. The wrapper DOC is 53. Rock singer Mike Dhoti is 51. R & B singer Faith Evans is 48. The actor’s Hugh Dancy is 46. R & B singer Remicha Greenstead (702) is 43. DJ Qualls is 43 years old. Actor Shane West is 43 years old. Country singer Lee Brice is 42 years old. Singer Hoku actor Leelee Sobieski is 39 years old. Olympic gold medal figure skater Tara Lipinski is 39 years old. Americana musician Bridget Kearney (Lake Street Drive) is 36 years old. Actor Titus Makin is 32 years old. Actor Tristin Mays is 31 years old. Sasha Obama is 20 years old. Actor Eden McCoy is 18 years old.

Today’s History, June 10, 2021 | Entertainment

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