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Grace Luczak left the competitive boat and worked in the private sector when the move to gender equality at the Tokyo Olympics pulled her back into the boat.

Women’s boating events have been added to create a more comprehensive Olympics. This means four additional seats for the US team and a Luczak spot.

“It’s really hard to make the decision to come back to financially plan to take a year off from work,” Luczak said. She thought it would be impossible for a veteran to play two games in a row until more seats were added.

“There are four more seats. Four. And that is the first gender equality Olympics. Why can’t I try it?”

Most of the public attention is directed to big sports such as gymnastics, swimming and athletics, but away from the spotlight, women in niche sports are recognized and given the chance of the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee has added 18 new events to the Tokyo Olympics to promote gender equality. Due to the different size of the roster, there are the same number of women and men in all sports except baseball and softball.

According to the IOC, women’s participation in Tokyo will increase from 45% in Rio to 49%, about the same as men. The Commission also said that when women made their Olympic debut at the 1900 Paris Olympics, only 22 of the 997 athletes were women. Those pioneers competed in five sports, including croquet and horseback riding.

“Tokyo 2020 is projected to be the most gender-equal to date with the participation of women,” said the IOC.

New opportunities include some sports and some sizes. For example, in the UK, women are the first to participate in the Olympics than men. In water polo, two teams have been added, bringing the total to 10. Still, two shy for men’s tournaments, but a victory for the women’s movement.

In many cases, women’s interests meant that men had less opportunity. Boxing will feature 100 women in 5 classes, from 36 fighters in 3 classes in Rio. However, the two men’s classes were dropped.

This year’s weightlifting is the same for both men and women in seven teams, but we reached our goal by dropping the men’s team. A female canoe was added, but a male 200 and a male kayak double 200 were removed. This decision faced an unfavorable reaction from male athletes when it was announced in 2016.

Erik Vlček, who won the silver medal with Slovakia in Rio, argued that when women’s canoes were added, women’s canoes were “bad looking” and women should only kayak. The Czech paddler jokingly joking about canoeing is detrimental to women’s posture.

The change spanned multiple sports, with the rifle probably the most changed. The sport lost the men’s prone rifle, the men’s free pistol, and the men’s double trap, all replaced by a mixed team event of air rifles, air pistols, and traps.

Luczak, now 32, knows he has benefited at the expense of his male teammates. The women’s unsteered fore returned to competition for the first time since 1992, but replaced the men’s lightweight unsteered fore.

“It’s not great when you have to get rid of something from the male side to add to the female side. It’s never fun to see people realize that their opportunity is gone. “Luczak said. “But by creating the same number of opportunities, it shows that there is a way for female athletes.”

Luczak left his fiancée at home during training and moved with his host family in Princeton, NJ. She also exchanged her salary for salary. That’s because the four additional seats were so attractive that I couldn’t even try them out.

For many women, it was due to the narrowing gender gap. The issue of equality was raised when this year’s NCAA basketball tournament revealed a disagreement between men and women. Images shared on social media in women’s unequipped weight rooms have become a symbol of fraud that all female athletes suffer from the shadows of men.

Former Stanford water polo player Maggie Steffens said that gender inequality at the NCAA tournament “has hurt my heart to see,” but it was also spectacular. Steffens is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, two-time Olympic MVP, and captain of the US Women’s Team, but she always thought that famous women’s sports were better treated than water polo.

“Women’s basketball teams are in tournaments. They have all these fans, they’re on TV and you think,’See how lucky they are.'” Said Stephens. “But behind the scenes come out and you see that they have it just like you.

“It’s all coming out and for what people can’t see right now, to see from the athlete’s point of view, it may have shown that women can accomplish it. We’re all flashy. I don’t need anything, we don’t care. I’ll do it anyway. “

Not all additions have hit men’s sports. Swimming added a 1,500-meter freestyle for women for the first time, and the 800 free for men returned to competition for the first time since 1904. Mixed gender relay will make its Olympic debut.

This year, five new sports were added: baseball / softball, karate, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing, and the IOC called for equal numbers of men and women.

There is still a big gap between non-Olympic funding and prizes. This year, Steffens posted a photo of the victory labeled #equalpay as a result of the long promotion of equal wages in a particular tournament. Pioneer female waterball player Maureen O’Toole commented: Get paid !! That must be good !!! ”In a social media post.

“I wondered who would comment 20 years later and say,’Look at what you’re getting now,'” Stephens said. “It’s just amazing that this doorway is open and a little girl with a dream like me can stand on my shoulder and make it farther and better.”

Tokyo Games boasts equal gender participation for the first time – Morning Journal

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