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Tokyo Olympics: US wins first athletics gold medal in discus throw

After waiting for the rain on Monday, Valarie Allman of the United States brought back the money by discus throwing.

Tokyo, Japan-The Road to Ballary Allman’s Gold Medal-the first of the US athletic teams at the Olympic Stadium-started above all with the spaghetti plate.

The pasta promise from her high school team was enough to lure her into a discus throw and reach a rainy Monday night at the Tokyo Olympics. It was a milestone and a long-awaited gold medal for the United States.

Allman started the final with a throw of 68.98 meters (226 feet, 3 inches), then waited for an hour delay and about 50 throws due to her competition. But no one was able to overtake her.

“It feels very surreal to be here, at this moment,” Allman said.

About that life-changing diet: As a teenager, she was a dancer in a variety of athletics. But she didn’t find her true truck call. A high school team pitcher in Longmont, Colorado said he could participate in a pasta meal under one condition. She had to try pitching.

That’s how the discus became hers.

“In retrospect, this was the best spaghetti supper of my life,” said 26-year-old Allman, who was an all-American at Stanford University, where he is currently training in Austin, Texas. rice field.

It worked well in the United States.

No one thought that the country’s first medal at the Olympic Stadium would come from a woman’s discus throw. Not because of this event, but Stephanie Brown Troughton of the United States won the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but it was the fourth day of the schedule.

But what looked like a good bet for victory — 4×400 mixed relay, 100 men’s, 100 women’s hurdles — didn’t come true.

The fact that she had to wait for the rain to be delayed was only added to the drama. She and her fellow competitors could see rain gear covering her head and sitting under the cover after the downpour. She was in the ditch before she stopped. All she thought while being late was calm. She tried to think about her technique.

And her first throw was her top attempt, but no one was able to catch her. Germany’s Kristin Pudenz won second and Cuba’s Yaime Perez won the bronze medal.

“I’m still waiting for my feet to touch the ground,” Allman said.

Illuminating her feet, Allman has a particular rhythm in the ring. It’s from the days of her dance that she carried over to the discus.

“It’s a two and a half year dance you do hundreds of times and it’s really repetitive, but ok, I think it’s a dance,” she said. “It’s poetry. It’s grace. It’s balance. It’s powerful. I’m thinking of ways to do it as efficiently as possible.”

She and her coach, Zebron Sion, have steadily created her into a gold medal-winning discus thrower with a picture-perfect technique.

“It’s not how she ends up, but what we’re trying to do is collect her energy along the way and release it,” Zion explained. “It’s aesthetically pleasing — lines, balance, it’s just well stacked and there are no strange angles.”

Come to think of it, it all started with a plate of spaghetti.

“Our team is full of so many great athletes. I’m not just surprised and a medalist, but I’m a gold medalist,” Allman said.

Tokyo Olympics: US wins first athletics gold medal in discus throw

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