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In Michigan, prices have fallen after hitting a seven-year high this summer.

Toledo, Ohio — Gasbuddy’s daily survey of 315 stations in the city shows that gasoline prices in Toledo fell 4.2 cents per gallon last week.

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is $ 3.03. The cheapest price in Toledo is $ 2.84 and the highest price is $ 3.25.

Prices in Toledo are 8.7 cents lower than a month ago and 90.9 cents higher than a year ago.

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Patrick de Khan, head of oil analysis at Gasbuddy, said oil demand remains strong, but should decline this month.

“According to Gas Buddy data, last week’s demand hit an additional 2021 high, surpassing the previous week’s record towards the peak of the summer driving season,” he said. “Gas prices may continue to rise for the next week or two, but as schools reopen and the holiday season ends, demand may decline and gas prices may fall moderately towards Labor Day. I have. .”

This is the second consecutive week that prices have dropped in Toledo. However, the national average is up 1.7 cents to $ 3.16 a gallon.

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MichiganGasoline prices could fall after hitting a seven-year high at the beginning of this summer. Prices are down 3 cents from last week and 1 cent from a month ago.

Michigan drivers spend an average of $ 48 to fill a 15-gallon tank. That’s $ 9 more than the highest score reached last January.

Benton Harbor ($ 3.10) and Grand Rapids ($ 3.12) have the cheapest gas in the state, but Metro Detroit ($ 3.30) is still the most expensive.

Toledo Gasoline Prices | wtol.com

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