Toledo Guide 2022 Summer Programming

“I wish I had a program. It was like learning these skills from an early age,” said Tisha Maze.

Toledo, Ohio — “Whether it’s work, activity, sport, or fulfillment, every child who wants to do it this year has a chance,” said Mayor of Toledo, Wade Kapuskievich. increase.

On Wednesday, he said people tend to think that children have nothing to do Summer is coming in Toledo..

But as Kapuskievich announced the city’s summer show in the city’s speech, he said it was compatible with all children, the city is working to change it. is.

This year’s Summer programming We offer everything from sports to broadcast camps.

It’s a way to keep your kids busy and free from trouble.

“We have already allocated money to enable children in this city to be productive and healthy this year,” said Kapuskievich.

Toledo spends more than $ 2 million from the American Rescue Program, so children can’t say they have nothing to do.

“They are really already in the neighborhood. We help them do better, expand their ability to reach out to more children, and in the pockets of communities that are probably not geographically reached. I want to reach out. ” Karen Ranney Walkins, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation in Toledo City.

Last year there were about 44 community partners.

This year, the city will grow and bring about 100.

That means camping for everything from podcasting to music, art and dance.

“Amaysing Kids is a reading literacy program that excites children in reading by teaching the basics of broadcasting, so they learn radio, podcasting, television, sound engineering and Vlogging,” said Amaysing Kids’ founder. Tisha Mays says.

They say the opportunities are endless.

And since about 95% of them are free, there is little excuse not to get involved.

According to the organizers, the idea is to keep the kids busy learning and they don’t have time to get into trouble.

“We know that this can be very positive and productive to engage our youth in something that creates health and growth and gives life. Some to it. In contrast to the choices of Ranny Walkins.

As a mother of four, Maze says programming helps shape future generations now.

Allow them to already develop skills to realize their dreams.

“I wish I had a program where I could learn these skills from an early age and meet media professionals. People watching on TV. I could be the broadcaster,” Maze said. Told.

The city says it will be distributed Summer Program Guide With the help of some schools.

In addition, they are placed in the local library and the list is already online.

You can do it Find the list here If you want to go ahead and make a summer plan.

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Toledo Guide 2022 Summer Programming

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