Toledo’s goal of 700 police officers includes federal funding

The city announced on Wednesday how to spend more than $ 180 million, some of which is directed towards police growth.

Toledo, Ohio-The city of Toledo will receive $ 180 million in federal funding as part of a pandemic bailout from the federal government.

Part of that $ 180 million will go to Toledo’s expansion of police force.

Currently, the mayor and police chief want to have 700 active police officers.

“The biggest reason that prevented police from expanding to the required scale was always money, not unexpected retirement, not difficulty in hiring,” said Mayor Wade Kapsukievich. ..

Money to fund the department and pay executives.

“Historically, police officers in Toledo are paid less than police officers in the suburbs,” said Caps Suzukievich.

on Tuesday, 4% approved annually for the next 3 yearsTherefore, Caps Suzukievich believes this will help recruit with the goal of having 40 cadet classes each year from 2022 to 2026.

“There’s no way this doesn’t generate a net profit for 70-75 executives, and I think it’s going to be close to 100 executives,” said Caps Suzukievich.

We also spoke with the former mayor of Toledo and the current mayor candidate, Curty Finkbiner.

He said he had no direct comment on today’s announcement and said he needed more time to consider the plan, he said.

“We ask men and women in Toledo in blue uniforms to enter difficult areas and enforce the law, and ask judges to keep criminals out early.” Fink Biner said.

We also contacted the Toledo Police Patrolman Association for Wednesday’s announcement. There were no comments.

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Toledo’s goal of 700 police officers includes federal funding

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