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Tongue swelling New COVID side effects

This condition is called the macroglossia. It makes it impossible for the patient to eat and talk. Dr. James Melville of the UT Health School of Dentistry has become a specialist in dealing with this situation. He underwent surgery to help the patient regain use of the tongue.

When KHOU 11 first reported on this condition last fall, Dr. Melville said only two cases were recorded in the United States. Since then, he has heard about seven more patients. Of the nine cases, all were intubated to the hospital. Eight of the nine are black. Two suffered a stroke and the other seven were hospitalized with COVID-19 before developing macroglossia.

According to Melville, the tongue tissue of patients who survive COVID-19 has inflammatory cells, which means there is something about the virus that makes certain people more susceptible to rare conditions.

“I think it has a lot to do with where the virus is attached and the body’s immune response to the virus,” said Dr. Melville.

He is currently conducting research to determine if there is a common association between the genes in those patients. If the doctor can answer the question, I hope he can understand how to prevent it.

Tongue swelling New COVID side effects

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