Top Reasons Why A Temperature Data Logger Is Better Than AThermometer

If you need to monitor the temperature of a freezer, refrigerator, or even a refrigerated transport vehicle, you’re going to be debating about the most effective way to do this. The two main options are a thermometer and a temperature data logger. The thermometer is cheaper and may seem like an obvious choice. However, there are several reasons why a temperature data logger is better.


Good data loggers are pre-calibrated. That means the calculations and settings have already been done to allow the logger to monitor the temperature accurately. In effect, it has a substance inside that expands or contracts according to the temperature and allows you to see the temperature as a figure.

While data loggers are pre-calibrated and shouldn’t need doing again, thermometers are not. For them to be accurate they will need calibration and regular re-calibration. Because of the way they are made the thermometer will need regular re-calibration to remain accurate.

It’s known as temperature drift and all thermometers suffer from it.

Ease Of reading

Data loggers have a probe in the freezer which is hardwired to the logger. This can then transmit the reading wirelessly to an app or a dedicated program.

With a little effort, this system can be set up to check and register the temperature at pre-defined intervals. It will give you an accurate image of the temperature inside the freezer throughout the day.

While you don’t need to do anything to monitor the temperature, the best part is that you can read the results from anywhere, all you need is wireless access.

The temperatures will be logged allowing you to see fluctuation, note patterns, and even get an alarm if it moves past a certain temperature.

In contrast, a thermometer needs to be manually checked. That makes it a time consuming and impractical choice for most people.

Changing Temperature

When storing goods in a refrigerator or freezer you will want to maintain the temperature as close as possible to the predefined setting. Unfortunately, every time you open the door, warm air will rush n and cool air will escape.

The more times you open the door the higher the likelihood that the temperature inside the unit will rise.

Alongside this, opening and closing the door frequently will make the refrigerator or freezer work harder. The result is a shorter lifespan.

Using a thermometer to record the temperature means opening the door every thirty minutes to check and record the temperature. That will cause temperature drop and the associated issues, using a probe and a data logger won’t.

Environmental Concerns

If you use a thermometer and check the reading regularly then you’ll have to record the results. That means using ink and paper, these are natural resources. While it may not seem like much, it will be contributing to the damage done to the planet. In contrast, a data logger stores everything digitally, meaning trees don’t need to be cut down.


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