Top Reasons You’re Getting Cavities All of a Sudden

Cavities are not a good sign although surveys suggest that you’re not alone, an estimated 32% of the adult population has cavities. Cavities need to be filled as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further tooth damage, including infections and even abscesses.

Cavities appear when the enamel that covers the teeth is worn away. This is an exceptionally tough substance but, it is vulnerable to the acid produced in your mouth. This acid is a by-product of the interaction between bacteria already in your mouth and sugar in the food you eat.

The acid, if left, will wear your enamel down. Rinsing after eating with water dilutes the acid, brushing cleans debris to reduce the production of acid, and flossing removes the debris that brushing doesn’t reach.

In short, you need a good holistic dentist that will monitor your tooth and your overall health.

While people do get cavities, it is unusual for someone to start getting several all of a sudden. Assuming you visit a dentist regularly, there are several other reasons why you may suddenly be getting lots of cavities.

Change In Routine

It’s a good time to look at your routine and decide what has changed. At first, you may not be to think of anything. If this is the case, write down your activities. The most likely scenario is that you have started drinking a lot more sugared drinks or you have started drinking or eating after you’ve done your teeth at the end of the day.

Even drinking a glass of wine can make a difference as wine has sugar in it. The bottom line is you shouldn’t be eating or drinking after doing your teeth for bed.


Starting a new exercise routine is generally a good thing. But, many forms of exercise cause you to breathe heavily and this means you’re more likely to breathe in and out of your mouth. Unfortunately, when you breathe in and out of your mouth you’ll lose more moisture in the air and effectively dry your mouth out.

Less moisture in your mouth means the acid produced by bacteria and sugar will not be diluted as much. That’s why a dry mouth causes more cavities. If this is the case then you need to sip water regularly during and after exercise, it will help to dilute the acid and maintain tooth health.

Health Remedies

When you’re feeling under the weather you are likely to turn to medications, such as cough drops or coated painkillers. Unfortunately, these medications contain a surprising amount of sugar and this can cause an array of issues in your mouth, including cavities.

Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can also cause issues as they dry your mouth out.

Change Of Dentist

If you’ve just changed your dentist and they’ve discovered a lot of cavities then you may feel suspicious about their motivation. However, sometimes a different dentist can have better equipment and this allows them to spot cavities earlier and take action. It may seem like you have a lot of cavities at one time but it can save you money and hassle in the future.


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