Top Twitter executives ask to resign, company stops most “recruitment and backfilling”

Twitter is rebuilding its top leadership, with a series of tweets and an internal note from CEO Parag Agrawal. This memo, obtained by The Verge, emphasizes that Twitter is letting go of consumer product leader Kayvon Beykpour and revenue product manager Bruce Falck. Both key positions deal directly with Twitter’s features and revenue, with notes from former Facebook director Jay Sullivan, who joined as Vice President of Consumer Goods in November 2021, on Twitter’s consumer goods team, Bluebird. Is emphasized to lead. Take care of “Goldbird”-the Twitter team that builds products that generate revenue. Twitter is also planning to freeze new hires. However, the note states that the layoff is not (yet) in the pipeline.

New changes will come a few weeks after it was publication Tesla CEO Elon Musk acquires the microblogging platform. It is unclear if his takeover has anything to do with the latest decision. Meanwhile, Agrawal will remain the CEO of the company until the formal acquisition agreement is completed. A Report Earlier this week, he showed that Mask could temporarily lead Twitter, but that’s just speculation at this point.

What do you say in the internal memo

An internal memo published by The Verge emphasizes that Twitter is also freezing recruitment and backfilling. However, “except for business-critical roles determined by staff in collaboration with HRBP.” Agrawal guarantees that the company is not “planning a company-wide layoff.” However, leaders will continue to make changes to the organization to improve efficiency as needed. “

Agrawal, who came to power at the end of last year after Jack Dorsey left the company dramatically, added that he would continue to keep in touch with employees frequently and directly about future changes.

In the memo, “Next week, [we] Hold virtual offsites with the Global Leadership Team (GLT) to promote further cohesion and concentration and strengthen collective planning to maximize support for all. I will report to you the outcome of the meeting. “

What Kaibon Bakepool and Bruce Falk said after finishing Twitter

Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s consumer product leader, said in a tweet that he left the company after seven years of service. However, he revealed that CEO Agrawal had asked him to leave the company. In his tweet, “I’m disappointed, but I’m comforted by a few things. I’ve achieved what our collective team has achieved in the last few years, and myself on this journey. I am very proud of his contribution. “

Bruce Falck, Twitter’s general manager of revenue and product manager on the business side, also confirmed his resignation in a tweet.

Agrawal responded to both tweets from former employees and thanked them for building the platform.

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Top Twitter executives ask to resign, company stops most “recruitment and backfilling”

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