Train Avoidance Project Awards Lima Smart City Award

The chronic complaints of Lima city commuters have triggered Lima’s national recognition this week.

Mayor Sharetta Smith announced on Wednesday that the city was selected as a recipient of the 2022 Smart 50 Awards for the Smart Train Avoidance project.

“The city has deliberately focused on developing and implementing smart city solutions to provide efficient, high-quality services to residents and stakeholders through technology,” Smith said. “This kind of innovation leadership from our public works sector will transform the future of Lima as a smart city and lead to better transportation policies.”

For years, Lima has leveraged the regional importance of the rail industry to traffic delays and sought remedies for everyone.

Still, residents do not know when the train will come, how long to wait, or if they should find another route.

This topic is frustrating for companies with tight schedules that are essential to their work. But perhaps the city’s greatest motivation for modifying train traffic was safety. The effects of losing just one minute to first responders can be life-threatening situations.

Spectrum Enterprise has partnered with US Ignite to grant Lima a grant under the US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities program. Spectrum Enterprise also provided all the networks, connections, sensors, devices, and software needed to deploy this proof of concept.

“Spectrum is developing technology to track trains and predict their movements. We have all experienced trains stopping, moving forward, and moving backwards in this community,” said City Engineer Kirk. Knee Meyer explained. “Ultimately, iPhone, Android, and in-vehicle navigation systems will receive the latest information and warn you if there are trains passing through Lima. If so, it’s an intersection that opens to keep goods and services running. I will guide you to. “

In April of this year, city representatives will attend the Smart 50 Awards Gala in Columbus during the 2022 Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo.

The Global Competition aims to “recognize the 50 best examples of smart cities in operation this year by highlighting specific projects with real-world municipal scale results.” In addition to national award winners, the city of Miramar is included among award winners from the international community such as Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Chile, Israel, Bulgaria, Spain and Sweden.

The Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with the Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, annually recognize global smart city projects that honor the most innovative, innovative, and influential work.

At her weekly press conference on Wednesday, Lima Mayor Sharetta Smith shared that Lima was named the 2022 Smart 50 Awards winner for the city’s Smart Train Avoidance Project.

At a weekly Mayor’s press conference Wednesday morning, Lima city engineer Kirk Niemeier talked about the city’s smart 50 award-winning smart train avoidance project.

Cities recognized in the Gala in April

Train Avoidance Project Awards Lima Smart City Award

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