Transscript: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on “Face the Nation”, June 26, 2022

The following is a record of an interview with Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, aired on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, June 26, 2022.

Margaret Brennan: South Dakota is one of 13 states with so-called trigger legislation that enforces new abortion restrictions after the Roe v. Wade case is overturned. Republican Kristi Noem is the governor of the state and has a new memoir entitled “Not My First Rodeo: Lessons from Heartland.” She joins us this morning from Capitol Lake, South Dakota. Good morning, Governor.

Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem: Good morning. Thank you very much. Margaret.

Margaret Brennan: South Dakota law knows that abortion is now a criminal offense, so I’d appreciate it if you could clarify a few things. Only exceptions when it is necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman. You are calling a special session. What exactly do you change or implement here?

GOV. NOEM: Well, what happened in this week’s Supreme Court ruling is that abortion in South Dakota quickly became illegal unless it saved the lives of mothers. And as soon as that decision was made, it was implemented.And when we enter into a special session to discuss how we can support these mothers, I believe I have already launched a website called life.sd.gov.. And that’s getting resources for individuals with unplanned pregnancies. Or people who come with them at this time if they are in a crisis situation to coordinate financial assistance. Also, make sure you get the health care and access they may need. It lists all nonprofits, various organizations that have worked with them, and families who may want to adopt their babies if they choose to give up their babies for adoption. Can also be extended to. Therefore, it is incredible to do more to support these women in unplanned situations and actually leave them in a situation that is not prepared for the news that they are expecting a baby. It’s a resource.

Margaret Brennan: Well, the United States has the lowest maternal mortality rate of any developed country. What are you doing specifically for pregnant women, not just when your baby is born? Do you give them paid leave? Do you give them more medical rights in your state? Are you funding them more states? What exactly are you doing to keep them alive during pregnancy?

GOV. NOEM: As you know, I think it will be a lot of discussion now taking place in all different states. Because the Supreme Court made this decision. The power to make these decisions lies in the individual states. We’ve already talked about that in South Dakota. What is the role of the state in this, and they help these individuals in these situations, help their babies to be born healthy, become parents, or help them choose a loved one. What can we do to give them the health care they need? Raise the child –

Margaret Brennan: So you still understand how specific it is.

GOV. NOEM: – Well, as you know, this trigger law came into force many years ago and came into force as soon as the Supreme Court made such a decision –

Margaret Brennan: I see.

GOV. NOEM: – That’s the debate and debate we’re doing, but it’s unbelievable, and I think it’s up to people to decide what’s going on. What does their state law look like? South Dakota has clearly stood to save lives and save lives in our past few years. And we will continue these discussions on how we can support these mothers and what it means to really ensure that they do not prosecute them in this situation regarding abortion. We focused on doctors who deliberately break the law to carry out abortions in our state.

Margaret Brennan: So there’s a lot of confusion here. Therefore, South Dakota is one of the 30 states that restrict access to telemedicine abortion, and patients can receive these pills by mail and end their pregnancy. The president said he would use the Justice Department to intervene here if there were any attempts to prevent women from receiving these medicines. Are you ready for such a court battle? Are you actually going to seize your email? How do you prevent women from actually taking this federal-approved drug?

GOV. NOEM: Well, we’re already working on this, and South Dakota has submitted a bill banning telemedicine abortion in many ways. This means that an internet or telephone doctor can prescribe an individual’s abortion. These are very dangerous medical procedures. Women are five times more likely to go to the emergency room when using this type of medical care.

Margaret Brennan: This is an FDA-approved drug.

GOV. NOEM: – Abortion method. So it should be under the supervision of a doctor and ensure that it is done in South Dakota.

Margaret Brennan: But that’s why I’m asking you for more details –

GOV. NOEM: – at the state level

Margaret Brennan: – at the state level –

GOV. NOEM: That’s a discussion –

Margaret Brennan: Yes, what’s happening here is a very important and precedent setting. This is a federal approved drug. Does South Dakota dismiss the FDA and decide which medicines are available to the population?

GOV. NOEM: And many of those decisions are made at the state level, they are absolutely. That’s what the state does –

Margaret Brennan: Would you like to stop? If sent by email, do you intervene and stop receiving?

GOV. NOEM:-And you know-it is a specific right that is protected-there is a specific protection that is protected under the United States Constitution. The rest of these items are left to the state, the 10th Amendment guarantees it to us. The Supreme Court said that the Constitution does not give women the right to have an abortion. That is, each state decides how to handle these situations.

Margaret Brennan: That’s right –

GOV. NOEM: – South Dakota has already passed a bill on telemedicine abortion, but we believe it will be available as it is a dangerous situation for individuals who are not medically supervised by a doctor. Is not …

Margaret Brennan: I see. Looks like you’re ready to fight the Justice Department. I would like to ask you about what the president said. He said his administration opposes state governments trying to control women’s behavior by blocking emails, searching people’s medicine racks, and tracking data from the apps she uses. .. Will South Dakota carry out such surveillance, or will it adopt laws like Oklahoma and Texas?

GOV. Nome: Margaret, it wasn’t a conversation in South Dakota. I don’t think we will. We attach great importance to the right to privacy. We-We are here to protect our freedom and freedom. We are committed to ensuring that mothers have the resources, protection and health care they need. Also, ensure that the federal government plays only that role. We saw in an unprecedented way that this administration was beyond its authority and they were punishing Americans. And there were increased energy costs, supply chain challenges, and the seizure of freedom. Due to the debate, debate and policy from the I-Biden administration, the amount of problems the country has encountered was incredible. My job as governor is to do my job, which is to protect my people from these bad policies.

Margaret Brennan: So how do you deal with companies operating in your state that say they provide medical and financial support to employees traveling out of state for abortion? Are you going to chase those companies or are you going to chase those individuals?

GOV. NOEM: No, I’m not sure if I’m really paying attention to the discussions taking place in Margaret, South Dakota. They are not the conversations we are having –

Margaret Brennan: For example, did you say you didn’t sue Wal-Mart or Amazon operating in your state, but do it for your employees? Will Wal-Mart and Amazon face a proceeding from South Dakota?

GOV. NOEM: – South Dakota people are really aware – we continue to support these mothers and make sure they are protected from all possible prosecutions. Make sure these babies are recognized, that all life is precious, and that we enforce the law. I talk to the people of the state and their elected representatives so that they can make their decisions closer. Go home more than we see at the federal level.

Margaret Brennan: Well, I think you said you weren’t going to chase the company there. Ask you what your friends are here –

GOV. NOEM: I’m not going to do that Margaret.

Margaret Brennan: I see. South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace joined the program a few weeks ago. She says she has the right to anti-abuse, so she wants to play what she said, with the exception of rape and incest. She listens to her story.

NANCY MACE SOT: I’m a rape victim. And when you understand what happened in your life, trauma, emotional, mental and physical trauma in a woman’s life, that decision-she is between her doctor and her and her god. You should make that decision.

Margaret Brennan: How do you react to her? Are there any exceptions to rape and incest?

GOV. Nome: I think what Nancy experienced is tragic. My heart is directed at every woman who had to experience the situation. I don’t know what that means. What I say is that I believe that every life is precious. Our trigger method reflects that abortion is still illegal to save the life of the mother. And we know much more about how these babies experience the pain they feel in the womb, even 10 or 15 years ago, using technology and science. We will continue to guarantee that those lives will be protected. And I never believed-that a tragedy or tragic situation happened to someone is the reason for another tragedy-

Margaret Brennan: So rape and incest are no exceptions?

GOV. NOEM: – So we continue to want to move forward, put resources in front of these women, walk with them, and provide health care, care, mental health counseling, and services. We need to make sure that we can continue to support them and build stronger families in the future.

Margaret Brennan: Are there any exceptions?

GOV. NOEM: As you know, this is a state-to-state Margaret debate, which I think is unique to the United States. I love that we have a very limited federal government about this country. The Supreme Court has fulfilled that task. It corrected the wrong decision made many years ago and returned this power to the United States. This is the method intended by the Constitution and our founders.

Margaret Brennan: That’s right.

GOV. NOEM: So the horror tactics I hear come from so many people from so many professionals and media people that women are scared to say that the risk of death will be much higher. ..

Margaret Brennan: Governor –

GOV. NOEM: – For this decision. What this is trying to do is give them the ability to weigh with their local elected officials –

Margaret Brennan: That’s right.

GOV. NOEM: – To ensure that state law reflects their health care and options, and what they need to protect and support their babies in the future.

Margaret Brennan: You’re the governor. That’s why I asked you here today to clarify it. Track it when you understand them. With Face the Nation being with us, we’ll be back soon.

Transscript: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on “Face the Nation”, June 26, 2022

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