Truecaller is getting these new features on Android

Popular caller ID app TrueCaller Announced that the app will be updated to version 12. The new update includes a brand new design and some new features such as video caller ID, call recording and more. Truecaller said the new changes come with the features that the community wants.The new app comes with all the features Truecaller offers, including call alerts, call reasons, full-screen caller ID, inbox cleaner, and smart. SMS, more. Truecaller version 12 Android Users initially within a few weeks.I know when this will be rolled out iOS user.

Newly redesigned Truecaller The app (version 12) comes with a redesigned interface, call recording capabilities, 46 language support, ghost call capabilities, and call announcements. “Power-packed features will be gradually rolled out to all Android users. India Truecaller India CEO and Managing Director Rishit Jhunjhunwala said Truecaller will continue to focus on user demands and address them with innovative solutions and products. “All these new features give people more enjoyment of communication, more control, and a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling experience at the same time,” said Jhunjhunwala.

Truecaller version 12 includes a video caller ID feature that allows you to set a short video that automatically plays when a user calls a friend or family member. Users can select this video from the in-app database or record it themselves. This feature is available to all Truecaller Android users. In addition, the new interface has tabs for Calls and SMS. “With individual tabs, we now have access to all SMS, Truecaller group chats, and individual chats with a single tap,” the company said.

Call recording is another feature introduced by Truecaller in version 12 of the app. This feature was initially available to premium users, but will soon be available to all Android users in a new app. This is an optional feature that allows users to start recording with a single tap on either the full screen or pop-up caller ID after the initialization process.

There is also a Ghose Call feature that helps users get out of trouble and play pranks that are harmless to their friends. Ghost Call allows users to set any name, number, and photo to make it look as if they were calling. The user can also select a person from the contacts for this purpose. Ghost Call is only available to Truecaller Premium and Gold subscribers.

Finally, the new call announcement feature speaks the name or number of the person calling you. This works not only for stored contacts, but also for numbers identified by Truecaller.

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Truecaller is getting these new features on Android

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