Try on big boy pants

Listening to conservatives isn’t just unbearable, Republicans whine like a group of spoiled children when someone who isn’t part of their faction makes a tough decision. These are the same people who loved leaders who showed a “strict father figure” and a “responsible” attitude. But when that attitude is expressed by progressive leaders, these so-called brave souls throw a temperamental tantrum, and Hissy fits in with something that embarrasses children.

The current president makes a tough decision to stop the 20-year war, and conservatives are faint. The current president imposes vaccine obligations / tests on companies, federal officials, and contractors who do business with the government, and these people swear that Oscar’s nomination is imminent. Hit the chest with fashion and clench the pearls.

All these antiques prove one thing. His loyalty to the former president and his false belief in “individual freedom” are perceived like a childhood teddy bear. But what these people lack is that in addition to having personal freedom, there are obligations for the public good of the community. Vaccine obligations have been around for decades and are self-centered, exposing others to the risk of serious illness if there is a safe solution to reduce the risk of spreading a highly contagious and deadly virus. No one has the right. Take your shots like you are a grown-up man and woman impersonating.

Larry Donaldson


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Try on big boy pants

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