Two weddings and a funeral

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m traveling cross-country for a wedding. But sadly, I learned that a funeral for my dear friend was also scheduled for the weekend in the same city. So now I go to fun and very sad events. And many of the same people attend both events. I was planning to wear a simple black sheath with a new shawl I bought for my (outdoor) wedding. Well, it seems to be a good combination for a funeral. I don’t want to wear a dress / shawl at both events due to guest overlap.

But wait, there’s more … I need something to wear for my next outdoor casual wedding in colder climates. I think it’s cool, so I’d like a pantsuit. Can’t do good shopping where I live, so do you have any ideas on where to shop online?

— Kelly F.

Dear Kelly: Are you thinking too much about all of this, like many of us rejoining the event after a long pandemic containment? Dressing up after months of sweatpants is not easy. As long as the one you choose to wear for the wedding does not obscure the bride, you will be fine.

Let’s first address the wedding / funeral issue. You can wear a black scabbard for both funerals and weddings and look perfectly appropriate for both, and no one will notice that your dress has fulfilled its dual obligations. trust me. I did it myself. The dress is your blank canvas. The discreet funeral accessories (shawls?) And the bright and cheerful wedding accessories each look unique. do not worry. You have this

We’ll move on to a “casual wedding in cold weather”, but unless you have time to change your pant suit, you won’t buy a pant suit online. Unless you’re a very standard size, you’ll be terribly lucky if it fits perfectly. Still, sizing was crazy and inconsistent. Skirts or dresses with tights for warmth and topped with jackets or blazer of different colors / patterns / textures (what about that black sheath you mentioned?) Are more for a decent fit without a tailor. It’s a good bet. A three-quarter sleeve jacket ensures that sleeve length is not an issue. Department store websites (for example, and offer a large selection of jackets and blazers with shirring or three-quarter length sleeves at reasonable prices. Store brands such as Halogen (Nordstrom) and Charter Club (Macy’s) are reasonably priced. If you order online, make sure you can return it in case the fit doesn’t work.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a 6ft 1 14 year old granddaughter and I’m probably still growing. Her problem is not her height, as she is very comfortable with herself. Her problem is that her legs are getting bigger and she wears wide gym shoes of size 12. We hope it helps you find someone who sells or manufactures size 13 or 14 shoes for women. She is a beautiful, happy and fun young girl (I’m prejudiced, but I’m her grandmother).

— Carol H.

Dear Carol: How wonderful it is that your tall granddaughter is “comfortable to yourself” and “a happy and fun young girl”. Tall is beautiful, as my best friend Judy, who is over 6 feet, testifies. Like your granddaughter, Judy struggled to find a larger size shoe for the rest of his life. Internet shoes aren’t a big choice for larger sizes, but Zappos (, Dick’s Sporting Goods (, and Nordstrom ( DSW ( and Long Tall Sally ( are also larger in size, but not very suitable for athletes.

Angelic reader

Experienced stadium spectators made simple suggestions for clear wallets that meet the security requirements of soccer games and concerts. WM proudly sent a photo of her discovery at a dollar store for $ 1. Others suggest a sturdy clear plastic zipper packaging on the seat. It’s more durable and easier to handle than the flimsy food storage buggy in a grocery store. Jackie N. laments. “Women’s slack has such skimpy pockets. I’m volunteering at a local theater and I think men’s slacks are perfect.”

The black dress is your blank canvas. The accessories make each different event look unique.

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Two weddings and a funeral

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